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Deluxe Reverb with Eminence Patriot for 650??


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  • Deluxe Reverb with Eminence Patriot for 650??

    Hey there... sorry if Its like Im posting too much, but Im deciding on a new amp now that my AC15 was sold. I have a CIJ Jazzmaster and a Epiphone Casino as my main guitars. With a good OD pedal would this amp be a good match for that price?? I sold my AC15 yesterday and got some cash. The only thing is... I saw an AC30 Top Boost the other day and would love to put all my chips in for that. Would it be better to get this or the dual showman for roughly half the price and get some good OD pedals. Thoughts??? I love the help and input ive gotten. thanks!

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    Here is how I look at it... If you need a an overdrive channel you should go with the Vox. If you get your overdrive or distortion go with the Deluxe Reverb... It's a no brainer in that case.

    Extra bonus points for the deluxe reverb... holds it's value very well, is light and compact and has just as much mojo as the AC30.


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      Just bought the Deluxe Reverb. with the time to study up and when i get some extra cash i should be able to find a good pedal for the money I saved


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        Bad monekey Digitech for the win.

        i have there hardwire pedal little bit nicer.


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          Im thinkin Fulldrive 2 right now


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            I like the DRRI quite a bit. Try to find a nice Tubescreamer type pedal. TS + DRRI can get some serious tone for a low price tag.
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              I have a modded blues driver at the moment.... i wonder how that will sound


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                hhhhmmmm....there alot more like tubescreamer than people like to admit....

                dont forget the ZEN if you want a fulldrive sound a tubescreamer can do it....but the ZEN drive is alot more transparent its like a second volume knob adding more withougt changin the tone much...and it sounds AMAZING!!!!


                ive compared the two