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Good music stores in UK?

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  • Good music stores in UK?

    Going to a business trip next week and would like to visit some cool music stores; especially the ones that have some European amp like Diezel, ENGL, Orange, etc.

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    I want your avatar.

    Go to Denmark street in London for the vintage stuff, were are you going on your trip? the uk is quite big.
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      Coda Music




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        You'd be hard pressed to find a treasure trove of expensive European amps. I'd say the best you can expect is Marshall-city, with maybe a couple of Mesas knocking around and a peavey or two. I've only ever seen two stores that carried the likes of Engl or Diezel for any significant amount of time. They don't now.
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          Whereabouts in the country?
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              Guitarguitar and sounds great (only one in manchester, to my knowledge) are the best I know of.

              i.e. they're the most likely to have a reasonable selection of 'boutique' amps in at any given time. Youre gonna struggle to find them all under one roof, though. If fact, youre not gonna.

              Most guitar shops have the usual army of marshalls and maybe a token laney or peavey or mesa, or if youre very lucky, all four.