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Don't be afraid to swap tubes in your vht special 6


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  • Don't be afraid to swap tubes in your vht special 6

    Had a couple of old rca black plate 6l6's and a bunch of 12ax7. Used the Rca and a slovtex 12ax7 man what a difference. I thught it sounded good before but now wow.

    Heres the response I got back from vht when asking about tubes. They replied within 24 hours.

    Thank you for your interest in VHT. The Special 6 output tube socket is wired with pin 1 (EL34 suppressor grid) tied to ground, leaving many options for tube experimentation. Although the power transformer's heater-current capability is stressed with larger tubes like a 6550 or KT88, we have successfully thermal tested the Special 6 with a wide range of output tubes. (The socket wiring is not compatible with a 7027, please don't try!). We will also released the Special 6 EL84 Adapter (model AV-SP-AD) to allow for even more tube experimentation.

    Best Regards

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    Waiting for some stuff on ebay to sell. Once sold I'll be getting me a Special 6 ultra
    Marshall JCM800 2204
    Marshall Lead 100 Mosfet
    Laney AOR ProTube 50


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      If they are anything like the special you can't go wrong.