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Laney VH100R FX loop question


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  • Laney VH100R FX loop question

    I have been trying to run some delay into channel B's FX loop with no luck
    So I tried channel A but its the same, no effects coming through
    just a dry sound .....
    I tried all different variations that I can think of.

    Interesting thing is I can get it working in both "Line & "Insert" sections .
    But I only want Delay & maybe some chorus on my channel B Lead sound

    What am I doing wrong ?

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    How do you have the effects knobs set on the front panel? Those control the mix level of each channel's loops.
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      No there isn't any FX knobs on the amp , just a level near the FX loop
      which I have stuffed around with luck


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        huh? theres two right near the reverb knobs
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