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OT: Two Guitars - Which to keep?


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  • OT: Two Guitars - Which to keep?

    So I have two guitars right now... An Ibanez RGA121 that I got about two years ago and like a lot, and a ESP LTD H-1000 (the old teardrop style) that I just got yesterday in a fit of GAS Both guitars are stock.

    Now, I'm wondering if I really NEED two guitars at this point. I'm so busy with work that I really don't have as much time to play as I used to. I really like both guitars in terms of playability and looks. Tones are slightly different - the Ibanez is a touch brighter. I don't personally mind the EMGs in the LTD. Most tonal differences can just get EQd out by my Axe-FX.

    I'm kind of stumped. If you had to sell one, which would it be and why?
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    If I only had two guitars, unless I was just hard-up for money, I wouldn't sell either one.

    If I HAD to choose one to off, it would probably be the LTD. I like a slightly brighter, snappier guitar.
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      My brother would say: "Keep 'em both. They're not eatin' anything."


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        No harm in having two guitars IMO...
        says the guy with 6 guitars but shh
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          Of those two, I like the ibanez better.

          However, that's only because the h1000 is way too blingy.
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            Is the RGA121 the older style with the maple cap, or the plain mahogany?

            With only two guitars, I'd be aiming to keep both. If I had to get rid of one and the RGA is the maple capped one, I'd be keeping that. Those are sweet sounding and playing guitars. I'd be inclined to illegally sell non-critical body parts rather than getting down to having just one guitar though.
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              I like LTDs a lot, and dont really get along with Ibanez necks, so Id go with the LTD.
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                Unless you're desperate for the $$$ I wouldn't sell right now because you probably wont get what you want in this market anyways for either. But sell the Ltd if you have to.


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                  Keep the RGA. No question. Unless you are donating the one you're not keeping to me. In that case, keep the LTD.
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                    I would keep both, I am down to 2 guitars here and I feel naked... I need a tele.
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                      Isnt the Ibanez MIJ? The LTD is Korean. SELL THE LTD.
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                        I need a tele.

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                          Play em both for a while, sell the one you like less

                          I wouldn't sell any of them, but in case of need, the ibby would go first (really dont like Ibanez)
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                          I have three Ltd's and can stroke the guitar necks like the male co-star in a porno about to blow his load. I don't find them to be sharp.

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                            Sell both n buy a gibson...


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                              I'd keep the Ibanez if I had to pull a Good Son ending with the two of them.
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