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  • Tuner pedals?

    My old TU-2 is on it's last leg...what tuner pedals work the best & don't have a lot of noise/color the signal?
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    I love my Sonic Research Turbo Tuner. Totally lives up to the hype.


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      relevant to my interests as well

      try the new TU-3?
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        Korg Pitchblack is really nice. It's really small and not very expensive.
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          Korg Pitchblack is really nice. It's really small and not very expensive.

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            TU-3 is better than the TU-2. But it's still not true bypass. So your signal is still buffered. It's a slight tone change but it still is. I just switched to the TC Electronic Polytune and I really like it. The polyphonic stuff is okay, but as a true bypass tuner with a great display, I dig it
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              korg pitchblack gets my vote,thats what i use, only mines the plus model
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                Sonic Research Turbo Tuner or Peterson Strobostomp 2 or the newer Classic.

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                  I'm super happy with my Digitech Hardwire HT-2.
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                    Another vote for Pitchblack. Or, if you don't want to spend much money, the GFS tuner is pretty good too.
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                      On a budget: Pitchblack.
                      Ultimate option: Turbo Tuner
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                        I use the Pitchblack and love it, however the TC Polyphonic tuner looks really nice. Unfortunately it wasn't out when I bought mine, but if I had to buy another tuner today that would be the one. Nothing against the Pitchblack, but the Polytune is just better.


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                          I highly recommend the Polytune. Also, if you play outdoors in direct sunlight, it's a godsend.
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                              Polytune has a great display and is true bypass, plus it can power up to 2000mA daisy chained. I also used a TU-2 for many years and you can power 5 pedals with that as well. The new Boss and Polytune are around the same price...I'd spring for the Polytune, I got mine for $89 brand new a year ago. Being able to use a daisy chain is a big selling point for me.

                              I've also heard great things about the Turbo Tuner (dunno if it powers other pedals) and the Peterson is one of the most accurate, but it's expensive.
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