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Versatile condenser microphone for vocals and guitar


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  • Versatile condenser microphone for vocals and guitar

    Looking for a mic to mix with my SM57 for guitar tones and to use for doing vocal takes at home when my band is writing.

    I don't want to spend loads of money, but I will spend what it costs to get decent quality.

    What would you guys recommend? I have looked at these so far:

    Any recommendations?

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    Audio Technica AT4050. I picked one up on eBay for 250 dollars american. It's a well endowed mic and will incite a boner riot in your trousers.
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      honestly, for cheap-- an mxl v67g. $99 and soft spoken enough to not rip your teeth out. works really well as a drum overhead, and it rounds out the top end nasties. i use two of them in and amongst much better mics, and they're a great flavor to put in the mix. girthy and not super bright. i didn't expect much-- but they're also a decent mix of good definition and a slightly dirty presentation-- we put it up against an sm7, a heil pr30, and a rode nt1 for one particularly guttural male vocalist, and we liked it best. go figure.


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        The Rode is a good mic, my last band recorded vocals with it and they came out well and took to eq pretty nicely.
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