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what is this this ampeg amp?


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  • what is this this ampeg amp?

    more pics at:

    if it's some monster VT-22 or V4, i'm gonna hit it!
    but i suspect it's solid state.
    franken amp?
    Near Grey

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    Not sure what Ampeg that is, but I dig their SS stuff. In one of my bands, I'm playing bass through an Ampeg (SS) SVT and Peavey 6505. It sounds HUGE and the Ampeg kills.
    Originally Posted by Zozobra

    I'm sure that a similar tone can be generated by putting a dildo in a metal trash can and kicking it down some stairs. It'll cost $800 less and thats if you buy a totally ****************ing sweet dildo.


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      It's a G410. Yes, solid-state.

      But sheesh, I thought one couldn't possibly make those particular Ampeg amps any uglier.

      Turns out I was wrong.

      It's even uglier in the light that G/B series amps were actually the only moderately good-looking Ampegs of that particular style.
      Honestly...this is not music... it is hatred and self loathing expressed with loudness.


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        yagh.. i've seen those in original state... but that's outright hideous. well.. you can't lose it on a dark stage..