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Decisions... Soldano SLO or 65amps Empire

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  • Decisions... Soldano SLO or 65amps Empire

    Obviously these are two differnt animals but with the option to choose between them which one would you choose and why? I have an SLO and just recently purchased the 65amps Empire and it's a great amp and does what it's advertised to do which is produce proper british tones in a 22 watt package! The deal with my wife when I bought the amp was that I would sell the SLO to pay my savings account back but I've noticed here within the past couple of weeks that quite a few SLO's have come up for sell with rediculously low prices which probably has a lot to do with the time of the year and money being a little tight. So, do I sell my Soldano at a bit of a loss or sell the 65amps which I'm pretty confident I can get back what I paid? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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    Keep both and try to find another way to replenish your savings. Seriously.


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      Personally I would keep the SLO. Which one do you like more?
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        I would keep the one that suited my needs the most...or keep my wife out of my gear decisions
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