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  • What's new in your rig??

    Purchased some tubes from Doug for both the Laney VH100R and the Peters.

    Peters Hydra will be getting an official wooden head shell again next check. Tired of the mega rack when a wood head shell would just look cooler. Both in the same shell or maybe one each?

    Purchased a new 412 from fellow forumite. H&K vortex with Rockdriver Juniors, surprisingly good speakers too.

    New strings on the guit fiddle, new patch cables, new jam space and possibly new band.

    What's new and exciting in your rig HCAF?


    Peters Custom Hydra Pre and 100 Watt Peters Custom Slave Power Amp in a 12 Space rack. Buyer pays actual shipping. $2250 firm, but will bend a little for distance shipping.

    I also sell Nutrilite Sports Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation ideal for athletes and body builders, PM me to know more

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    in the last month, I've picked up a few pedals

    Mxr Micro Flange
    Joe Bonamassa Wah
    TC Corona Chorus
    Way Huge Green Rhino
    Originally Posted by Murdoch

    That's what you get for putting a ****************************ed Floyd on a Lester. ****************************.


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      New EL34BHT's for my Herbert from Laura.

      Where you been?
      Gibson Ibanez Diezel / Fender / Dan Hall

      Originally Posted by Sixtonoize


      I couldn't have said it better.

      Originally Posted by K-Bizzle

      Yeah I'm with Abstract here...

      Originally Posted by Bob Savage

      I like your style, and attention to reason.

      Originally Posted by TornadoOfSouls

      Just don't buy it from Dewy / Musicians Friend.

      Originally Posted by justcrash

      Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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        its such a revolving door, i am a whore

        IN: keeley TS9DX, catatinbread super chili picoso

        SELLING: rmc wizard wah, musket fuzz, mesa studio pre, prs se

        COMING IN: mako mak4, zoom g3, wah, some type of dual p90 guitar: either an SG or JA 90 tele.

        this is tax return time, which means its pretty much hog wild for me
        strat strat tele PRS agile gretsch martin

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          A Bogner 4x12 with V30's.
          Originally Posted by isvoid

          I approve of this thread. Marshallmel ur a ****************ing legend.

          Originally Posted by Sheik_Yerbouti

          If that's your mom, I wanna do my one-stick rendition of "Moby Dick" on her fun bags.

          Originally Posted by Pepi

          This thread makes me want to suck a big fat cock

          Originally Posted by BerkleeBill

          Rick Santorum: a frothy mixture of ****************ing stupid and bat**************** crazy that is sometimes the byproduct of being a Republican.


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            Besides my Twin Reverb, in getting a Mesa stiletto trident and cabs, and a few new pedals.
            Crook Custom Telecaster - Blue Sparkle Paisley
            Fender American Telecaster - 3-Tone Burst
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            Mesa/Boogie 2-12 Recto Cab
            Peavey Bandit
            Peavey Special 112
            Xotic, Fulltone, Ibanez Effects
            TC Electronic iB Modified G-System

            Originally Posted by charveldan

            Drunk guy through a PV, that's Rock-n-Roll.

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              No big deal, but I just bought my first effects pedal in years. A BBE Vibe. Pretty fun


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                A new quad of =C= 6L6's from Laura and a Custom made strap.
                I endorse Laura & Valve Queen tubes, you should too.Marshall, Gibson, Fender, Charvel/Jackson."I'm happy to pay my tech $40 bucks to take the Zap for me."One kick-butt deal with johnpace2 Dave Friedman of RACKSYSTEMS is a genius.After the Firebird X, i'm quite convinced Henry Juszkiewicz is crazy.Member of the JMP Hall of Fame.


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                  Peavey Classic 120 poweramp that I bought last month.
                  PRS Single Cut Trem
                  PRS CE22
                  Fender CIJ Strat
                  Ibanez GSR180

                  Digitech GSP1101
                  Peavey Classic 120 Power Amp
                  Marshall 1936 2x12

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                    Got an Ibanez RGD coming in tomorrow
                    Originally Posted by Rampage

                    **************** cleans, play distortion?

                    Originally Posted by RiffDaemon

                    The scratchy high-end sounds like a wreck in Excitebike

                    Originally Posted by buddhapaugh

                    I had a nightmare experience like yours, Nerine, when I was in my late 20's/early 30's and was doing the tag-team thing with my buddy over the toilet. Now that was something----

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                      Nothing really. Got new trigger and the Alesis IO for my drums so I can use SSD4 with them.

                      Other than that, still rocking the Axe/Carvin/Mesa setup.

                      Originally Posted by Norton666

                      Man , Ive held off replying to any Klops threads because its kind of like the sweet , naive retarded kid down the street who is out putting in hours on his pogo stick every single night with dreams of someday going pro . You have to admire his ambition and determination , but at some point , he will realize he is retarded and there isnt a pro pogo stick league. I just dont wanna be the guy to tell him . Wait...............


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                        Traynor YCV40WR combo
                        Good Deals with: Shred-o-holic (Bought his JVM410h), Chris39 (My Laney VH100r for his Tweaker 40, Boss Octave, MXR Classic Overdrive and 50$), Unclemeat (Bought his Legacy III), lots of others I can't remember.


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                          EQD Hoof and Dispatch master. Tryin to ditch my 5150 right now and snag a used Sig:x as well
                          VHT/Fryette DEATH SQUAD

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                          Originally Posted by MarkBastable

                          You don't crap in the bidet, you colonial peasant.


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                            Marshall AVT150, Mesa Recto (in sig lol), H&K cab with V'30s and G12-75's. Thats about it. Oh my buddy just gave me this killer Martin acoustic. Cheers, Lucius

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                              Peavey Classic 120 poweramp that I bought last month.

                              I ran a Digitech 2120 Artist through one of these into a Marshall 1936 2x12 for a while and it was a match made in heaven. Great, powerful, versatile little rig for gigs.

                              As for myself:

                              - TC Electronic Nova System that I bought myself for the holidays. Amazing device.
                              - A pair of JJ 6L6s for the middle slots in my Mark III. Makes a huge difference at gig volume.