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I'm watching Godfather for the first time


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      Maybe I'm slow but there were a lot of nuances I missed when I watched it the first time that I had to watch a second time to get. The plot is so thick with characters, references and plotlines that at least for me I had to watch it two or 3 times.
      In particular the relationships between the Corleone family and the other 5 families:

      "I didn't know until this was Barzini all along!" ("wait...what? how did you know? all along what?")
      The bit about Connie's husband fighting with Connie as a means to draw Sonnie out to get assassinated escaped me.
      Also how they figured out Abe Vigoda was a traitor just for setting up a meeting confused me.

      But all in all great acting. (Pacino's eyes darting around in the restaurant scene...Duvall telling Brando that Sonny died etc....)

      Don't even bother watching Godfather's such a disappointment that it might just ruin your memories of the first two.

      Deep down I think Coppola has always had a hard time worrying about some duty in not making Italians look bad. You can see it in the first two: The Don doesn't believe in drug dealing. He fights for justice when our court systems fail. He helps old ladies keep their apartments...he only kills in self-defense etc....

      It would have been very easy for him to make Godfather III into a movie like Goodfellas or Casino. But deep down he didn't want to make Italians look bad..... so he made this whole movie about Italy and the Vatican that nobody in America could relate to or give a **************** about. It also was far removed from the history of organized crime in America. None of the human character development was there either.

      If he had just made an organized crime story set in modern day America it would have been fine.
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        i watched the fourth kind the other night with the wife based on your req from you other thread. that was a pretty cool flick. made me want to learn sumerian.

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        You'd think the guy that argues faith as logic would let us all believe in the unicorn.

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        None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here posting to you. You're locked up in here posting to me.

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        I'm helping you, for the future. This way, instead of humping life's doorknobs, you'll perhaps someday open one.

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        Hardvalve is like Nelo without the class or intelligence.
        Think about that and try not to get an aneurysm from it.



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          If you like Godfather the movie you should read the book. A GREAT read.


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            I've seen part 1 and loved but never got around to actually watching the rest. I think I'll put that higher on my list thanks to this thread. Heat and casino are others I need to see as well and I got heat on blu ray and haven't watched it.

            Goodfellas is pretty awesome though. my favorite only cause i've seen it the most.
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            You have repressed sexual feelings for your father.

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              ^HAHA ****************, yeah of course. Joe Peschi. ****************, I need some sleep. DeVito.... LOL. What's wrong with me?

              I'll look into Thief. Thanks for the tip.

              You ever saw Layer Cake? Again, something completely different, but also a very excellent crime movie that's often overlooked.

              Don't know Layer Cake. Will look when I get time. Thanks.
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              Rock hardness called that one

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              But then again, it's the internet and everyone is a hunk with a 12" cock, great job, fast car, hot gf and loads money in the bank and Mila Kunis has pointy knees.


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                damn, just checked local listings for it, It's showing at 2pm and 7pm...right during my work shift arg, would have been awesome to see in theaters
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                  Threadus interuptus: mah innurusts is peekt. What is dis, please?

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                  I love you.

                  Originally Posted by Yarbicus

                  I STILL love you!

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                  I know that bag. I know it well. Liquor store pron. He ain't dead yet!

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                    1 godfather II
                    2 goodfellas
                    3 godfather
                    4 scarface
                    5 the usual suspects

                    Some guys like a challenge. Not me.


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                      "We even stuck ice picks in his balls"

                      That is a true story, can you effing imagine - sheesh
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                        I read a book called "Murder machine". It's about these guys who the mafia used to hire to kill/torture people. Apparently, these guys enjoyed doing it and they were so crazy a lot of mafia families were actually too scared of them to hire them. They did things on par with what you see in that scene. Read it if you're into mob stories. I could barely handle it though, it's rough to get through in some parts.
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