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What amp company do you own amps from?


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  • What amp company do you own amps from?

    Select the amp company you have amps from.

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    Poll is fail. I have amps from two companies on the list and another amp from a company not on the list.

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      Poll is fail. I have amps from two companies on the list and another amp from a company not on the list.

      Yes, I know. It is a multi choice poll though.


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        Poll is fail. I have amps from two companies on the list and another amp from a company not on the list.

        How can I erase and start over?


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          2nd worst thread ever.


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            which one of yours was the worst then?
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              Traynor, Tech 21, VHT
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                I use a circa 1980's Roland Cube 60. I don't see any Roland amps on the list...
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                  Do Cabs count as Amps?
                  Edit: Don't see Madison on the list
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                    Carvin & Acoustic brands.
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                      I voted Peavey. I have....4 Peaveys and 1 Acoustic. I need to diversify.
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                        A couple were on the list, and a Traynor and Tungsten.


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                          about 3/4 of my amps aren't on the list.
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                            I have one Bogner and one Hughes and Kettner. Neither are on that list.


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                              Nothing I own is on this main amps being Randall, and for bass, Hartke.

                              I also own a little Crate practice bass amp, but that hardly counts.
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