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The one musician you want to sit down and have a beer with?


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  • The one musician you want to sit down and have a beer with?

    Who's the one musician you want to sit down and have a beer with? Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam for me. His riffs changed my life when I was growing up.

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    trey azagthoth

    brutal play, crazy technique, and a really weird to to listen to talk about things. plus, he's a geek and so am i, so i'm sure it would be a nerdy conversation anyway.
    Originally Posted by Yarbicus

    I love you.

    Originally Posted by Yarbicus

    I STILL love you!

    Originally Posted by CountGrishnackh

    I know that bag. I know it well. Liquor store pron. He ain't dead yet!

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      Alive? Brian Setzer

      Dead? Dimebag Darrel
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        He won't drink any alcohol, and that's fine by me: John5.
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          Tom Waits. End of thread.


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            Jimmy Page or Courtney Taylor-Taylor


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              Alive? Brian Setzer

              Dead? Dimebag Darrel

              Good call. Either alive or dead is good.


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                Johnny Cash.
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                  Guthrie Govan
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                  Originally Posted by BrendanO

                  I'm going to **************** that. I hope she's legal, because it's happening, one way or the other.


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                    I'd say Loomis, but I already have.
                    I'm reaching up and reaching out.
                    I'm reaching for the random or whatever will bewilder me.
                    And following our will and wind, we may just go where no one's been.
                    We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.


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                      Andrew W.K. no ****************ing question.
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                        Andrew W.K. no ****************ing question.

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                        Originally Posted by Billyblades

                        I am anarchy ! You sir, are an ****************************!

                        Originally Posted by K-Bizzle

                        All that said, I'm still a jackass.

                        Originally Posted by ComOp

                        The first rule of HCAF is that you ****************ing die in a fire.

                        Originally Posted by Nerine 8/2/2011

                        Not a ****************ing chance. Seriously. Sig it bishes


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                          Drink a beer with Tony Iommi.

                          Drop acid with Jimi Hendix.
                          Originally Posted by KCTigerChief

                          Rock hardness called that one

                          Originally Posted by guitarbilly74

                          But then again, it's the internet and everyone is a hunk with a 12" cock, great job, fast car, hot gf and loads money in the bank and Mila Kunis has pointy knees.


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                            Originally Posted by diddlybo

                            Just last week I went to the local GC with my 18 inch cock to buy several guitars and amps. On the way out I punched a hole clean thru the body of a MIM Tele, which caused the entire store to give me a standing ovation.

                            Originally Posted by ShaneV2

                            I play gay through the amp- it involves plugging into the amp's output jack. Sometimes you end up blowing a tranny though.


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                              Sting, Stuart Adamson, or Michael Hutchence.