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  • User name origin thread

    Hey, I've been around here for quite a few years, in many different facets. I must have spent 2 years lurking before I even made a user name. I know this thread has been done a million times, but some I either just don't remember or never knew. Some are obvious, but others not so much.

    I start with mine, since I finally found a version some one posted on Gootube. I love this band, they're rock and roll to the fullest. Motorhead, Melvins, Black Flag.. etc.

    "There is no Romance, No Glamour in reality."

    Domestic Artillery

    Our EP

    Gear, you say?

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    Live in KC...a fan of the Missouri Tigers and Kansas City Chiefs
    My project:

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      HCAF's resident meathead.


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        it's a Muse song.
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          G&L Rampage
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            I was taking a history class in about 1995 and studied the Samnites. I was also taking computer classes at the time. I adopted it as an online name and have used it on email accounts, games, forums, etc. ever since. It's sort of *my* name. It used to be the case that, if you saw a "Samnite" anywhere online, it was me. I've noticed that other people have glommed onto it now, though. I suppose it was inevitable.
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              Elessar is Sindarin for 'Elf stone'. Sly is a nickname from college many years ago.
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                Hardvalve. Just liked the sound.
                Miter Gauge - Still, it might be cool to change your name to Suckvalve®

                Drakkar Tyrannus - Lol..n***as be out here shootin f****t ass dogs and ****************...


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                  When I was young I had to take a bunch of tests in school.

                  Abstract Reasoning is the area I scored highest in.

                  The "~" gets me to the front of alphabetic results.
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                  Originally Posted by Sixtonoize


                  I couldn't have said it better.

                  Originally Posted by K-Bizzle

                  Yeah I'm with Abstract here...

                  Originally Posted by Bob Savage

                  I like your style, and attention to reason.

                  Originally Posted by TornadoOfSouls

                  Just don't buy it from Dewy / Musicians Friend.

                  Originally Posted by justcrash

                  Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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                    Silent Hill 3
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                    Originally Posted by Billyblades

                    I am anarchy ! You sir, are an ****************************!

                    Originally Posted by K-Bizzle

                    All that said, I'm still a jackass.

                    Originally Posted by ComOp

                    The first rule of HCAF is that you ****************ing die in a fire.

                    Originally Posted by Nerine 8/2/2011

                    Not a ****************ing chance. Seriously. Sig it bishes


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                      I love Soundgarden and was born in '75.
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                        Originally Posted by KCTigerChief

                        Rock hardness called that one

                        Originally Posted by guitarbilly74

                        But then again, it's the internet and everyone is a hunk with a 12" cock, great job, fast car, hot gf and loads money in the bank and Mila Kunis has pointy knees.


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                            ****************ing guess. Cheers, Lucius
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                              ****************ing guess. Cheers, Lucius