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    I tried the 50 watt combo today and it was actually really awesome. They are made in china which is strange coming from bad cat. Anyone else had a chance to try one out? Wondering how the reliability will be on these.
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    About as good as the reliability of other Chinese made amps. I'm sure tubes will be sub par as well. Don't expect higher quality transformers, power supply caps, jacks, and pots either.

    Can it last? Yes, but never would I expect it to last as long as older Marshall, Fender, Mesa etc.

    I have done ok with a lot of stuff made in China etc. But I take them apart and re-solder things like power supply parts, jack connections and other areas of heat concerns so not to have the parts either vibrate loose or fall out due to excess heat and very little solder.


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      Vid claims they come with JJ's and a V-30.

      $999 head and $1,299 combo (street)

      They also have a Cougar "5 watter", in the $500 range.

      Here's a newer amp called the "Bobcat"



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        Where can you but one? The web site does not even show em.


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          No way I would pay that for a Chinese made amp. Too many old USA point to point wired amps available for much less.
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            Is it vintage......most cougars are you know.......*le* :| oke:
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              Where can you but one? The web site does not even show em.

              I don't know if you can get them online yet. My local guitar shop had it in. They kind of have a thing for getting in new items before anyone else. Also the video sucks a lot.
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                Sounds horrible.

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                  Sorry to bring up an old thread. The newer vid on Youtube of the 50 watt Cougar amp sounds good, but some info for those interested; I talked to someone at Bad Cat, and apparently the Cougars are actually not a Bad Cat USA product, hence them not even being listed on the Bad Cat site. Apparently the old owners of Bad Cat had a licensing agreement with Hanzer Musical Group, the company that makes Kustom amps, to use the Bad Cat name for this import series. I'm not sure whether the Bad Cat people had any input or design involvement with the amps themselves, or if it was a 100% Hanzer design. Kind of an odd situation. Also i guess this licensing agreement expires next year, so other than these first shipments that came out, there may not be much more until the licensing negotiations either extend the agreement or cancel it. Just thought i'd share the info i learned, for what it's worth.
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                    awesome i didnt realize these were out. my bad cat hot cat was one of my favorite amps(along with my bogner 101)

                    I don't think they will tarnish their name with shody work but it will certainly not be the quality of their USA stuff.

                    edit: lol necro thread. well that sucks