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UK /Euro 3rd Quarter SPAM Thread 2012

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  • UK /Euro 3rd Quarter SPAM Thread 2012

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    Dunlop crybaby wah boxed good condition
    Got Funk?

    Good deals with: wilsoneffectsll, mr cheef, the.nameless, kpd78, Seano_Porno, jonPhillips, gjhardwick, Korgi

    AMT Japanese Girl WH-1
    Zoom Multistomp
    Digitech RP3 Blue version
    Wilson Effects Uber Fubar Bliss

    want to buy:
    EHX Ring Thing
    Devi Ever Hyperion
    Orange Crush The Button Wampler.
    BAT Pharaoh


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      Nice handbuilt by ValvePower 18 watt lite (Marshall 18 watt normal channel) with mustard caps, RS transformer and holeboard. Two inputs, single and parallel - 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs. Loaded with 2 x vintage Telam el84's and I will include another set of Telams and a set of JJ 84's as spare.


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        Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier

        Great little amp that gives the full rectifier sound and does the Burtalz as needed. This isn't a stripped down cheap version of a rectifier, it's fully hand wired in the USA and has the same pre=amp as the new big brother rectifier.

        Ideally looking to trade for a Dual Rectifier head, or will consider other high gain amps (heads or combos), or will sell for


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          Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal -


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            Selling a completely as-new Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser.

            Anyone who knows will tell you that this is the best sounding, most flexible analog phaser you can get. It has options for pretty much everything, filter settings, vibrato/phaser, phaser steps, etc etc etc, really a fantastic pedal. Selling it as I swapped it out for a Modfactor as I prefered to sacrifice tone for flexibility. In original box with manual.

            Stock photo but mine is exactly the same, will post photos tomorrow/when I get time.

            Found them new for
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            Hear it here:


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              Last price before Ebay: 350
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                Zilla 2x12 Fatboy closed back cab with 1 celestion G12H-30 Heritage (these cost a fortune) and 1 Vox GSH-1230 speakers,great cond,side and top handles.
                My Splawn Quickrod soundclips






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                  I have just ordered JCA2212 combo, so my Jet City JCA20H is for sell or a trade.

                  Head is in a great condition (never left my basement). Original tubes still in there

                  I can ship inside Europe.

                  Make me some offer.
                  Make me some offer.
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                    Looking for an Ebtech LLS-2 Line Level Shifter
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                      Line 6 Pod Pro. A little bit of rack rash at the top and the little line selector switch ( i think it's that one) has broken off but it's still fully functional and sounds great. Comes in the original box, manual and lead

                      PRS Single Cut Trem
                      PRS CE22
                      Fender CIJ Strat
                      Ibanez GSR180

                      Digitech GSP1101
                      Peavey Classic 120 Power Amp
                      Marshall 1936 2x12

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                        [SIZE="4"]Eastman T186mx in used condition, great sounding and playing guitar


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                          Jackson PS-2 Performer Series.
                          I think its from around 1995-1997, great condition for a guitar of its age too! Lovely piano black finish, Floyd Rose Licensed trem. All original pick-ups and electrics, its rare to find these in such great shape! I'd love to keep it but i just cant handle the trem, i'm so heavy handed. Comes with white strap and gig bag

                          I'm looking for
                          Vanquish Mystique Custom
                          Marshall JCM900 4100ri
                          Marshall 1960a
                          Ibanez TS9
                          Ibanez AD9
                          Korg Pitchblack
                          Sanyo Eneloop


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                            Right lads, I've put some of this stuff on here before and not had much interest but it really has to go this time. Prices are all without postage. Would prefer pick up in person if possible, especially for the bigger more expensive items(Sunderland, North East England), if not we might be able to reach a compromise.

                            ESP LTD EC-1000

                            For sale is an ESP LTD EC-1000 guitar, which I bought around 2006/07 brand new. The guitar is used but in good condition, and has went mostly unused for the last few years. Schaller strap buttons have been installed on the guitar and I am also including a comfortable leather strap with the guitar which has the strap locks on it. The strap locks can be removed and installed onto another strap if desired. The guitar does have a few nicks and dings as you would expect with a guitar of its age, but overall its condition is excellent. I have tried to capture the blemishes in some of the pictures to give you an idea of the condition. The guitar also comes with a Thomann hard case, also in good condition with a rip in the tolex, but nothing noticeable.
                            Good transactions: RussAnderson, Jakkeh, MILO, red_riviera


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                              Some more stuff

                              American audio CK-1000

                              Excellent condition, barely used. Perfect for anyone looking for something cheap to get into djing or something which is extremely portable for gigging. Comes with white and red cables and a 1/8th to 1/4 jack adaptor for headphones.
                              Good transactions: RussAnderson, Jakkeh, MILO, red_riviera