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    I was flipping through the channels when i stumbled upon a A&E show "barter kings" and it got me thinking about trading up for gear

    i had a ****************ty mountain bike when i was 14 that i traded to a kid in the neighborhood for my first guitar (squier bullet) and amp that started my life as a musician.

    im sure some of yall have some badass stories of trading up and getting some sick gear out it

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      I traded a girlfriend for a pack of cigarettes once. She was worth about half that...
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        One time I traded my Dunlop Crybaby for a skateboard deck.


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          One time I traded my Dunlop Crybaby for a skateboard deck.

          i traded my first skateboard for $30 and some taco bell.
          it was a good trade in my book, cause i couldn't ride the thing for ****************..
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            I bought an amp for $40 -
            bought about $10 worth of pot/switch -
            bought a $35 speaker -
            used some grill cloth I had laying around -

            traded it for $125
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              I traded a couple of G12T-75s straight up for a pair of old Made in England G12-65s a couple years ago. I still feel like I robbed the guy.
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                I traded a hot rod deluxe for a mesa studio 22+ that had some mods done to it by mesa. After I got a recto, my dumbass traded it for a two 60. I still miss that ****************er

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                  I traded my ENGL Powerball 1st gen vs a LABOGA Mr Hector. Kinda similar amps but I did not need all the channels on the ENGL and the laboga did sound more raw
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                    Traded a Mesa Express 5:50 head that I got brand new for $600 for a Tungsten Crema Wheat (and paid shipping for both amps).


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                      I traded an Orange Rockerverb 50 for my JMP.

                      I had a guy offer me kush and LSD for a delay I had on Craigslist but it ended up being my friend messing with me
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                        I once put a Mesa Lone Star special on the craigs list barter page. After a couple of weeks I had received no trade offers but a few good cash offers. I finally just sold it for cash.

                        Two days after selling it, someone offered me a small Winnebago as a trade for it.
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                          My friend had a Bugera head, can't remember the model. He made a series of trades and finally ended up with a mint Mesa Roadster.

                          Why can't that **************** happen to me. That guy is the king of gear trading.
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                            got an original late 70's / early 80's ibanez TS808 at a flea market when I was 12 (35 now) for $5.

                            traded it a week or 2 later for a dunlop wah pedal. (worth $20 probably now)

                            Bought a 1980 Marshall JMP2203 in need of cleanup & tubes for $400 from a methed out tweaker piece of sh*t.
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                              Bought the used Ibanez EP7 (with slight dings and stuff for $350) and EP9 (for... $700 or so?) a few years back.

                              I've had the EP9 a few days prior to EP7 ariving.

                              I put them both on craigslists with intention of flipping them as soon as the EP7 arrived to see if anyone would take both.

                              Within an hour of listing, a dude wants to come check out the EP9 and I was asking $900 at the time. He came over and he had intention to buy it for his son so he checked it out. He was curious about the EP7, played it, loved it and paid me $900 for it. I flipped the EP7 for $550 within an hour this will the story I will be telling for ages.

                              And the EP9 a few days later I sold to another guy for $900 which was around $200 profit.

                              $so total is $750 profit in flipping in less than a week. It was a great week