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PDTD! (Pimped Dark Terror Day)


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  • PDTD! (Pimped Dark Terror Day)

    Hey chaps,

    I thought some of you might enjoy this. I recently bought an Orange Dark Terror for jamming with at home and other shenanigans, but was never too much of a fan of the toaster look or the orange detailing on the front panel, so I enlisted my friends James at Dapper Signs and Paul at Zilla Cabs to paint over the offending parts and make a white headshell with black racing stripes to match my Zilla 4x12 ( The skull design is entirely James' work, I just told him to fill in the square where the Orange coat of arms thing goes with something a bit more in keeping with the name "Dark Terror"

    I think the end result is rather swish! Here it is after James did his thing:

    Then ensconced in the headshell:

    A friend is currently borrowing the 4x12 to try out the Lynchback speakers, but once I have it back I'll get some pics and clips of the two together.

    Band | Clips | Pics

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    Haha... that looks pretty cool.
    Originally Posted by Norton666 (15/07/2009)

    Give it 6 months and the Axe-Fx will be mentioned in the same sentence as the Johnson Millenium stuff.


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      Give me your opinion of this amp, please.

      I bought one and returned mine. Could not vibe with it. I must be nuts, because everyone I know loves it, but when I plug into it, I sound like a foot.
      Yup. PM inbox is full.


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        Looks awesome!
        Originally Posted by Rampage

        **************** cleans, play distortion?

        Originally Posted by RiffDaemon

        The scratchy high-end sounds like a wreck in Excitebike

        Originally Posted by buddhapaugh

        I had a nightmare experience like yours, Nerine, when I was in my late 20's/early 30's and was doing the tag-team thing with my buddy over the toilet. Now that was something----

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