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Which DAW do you prefer for use with MIDI and sample libraries?


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  • Which DAW do you prefer for use with MIDI and sample libraries?

    I am starting to work on some orchestra stuff again using East West strings and I had originally started using it in FL then tried Sonar but not sure if I dig either of those, is there a better DAW that would be better for setting up a large amount of midi tracks with easy workflow with midi?

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    I would urge strongly that you to check out Reason. I used to use it with Protools then I realized that Reason does most of what I need it to do (recording, editing and sequencing) without me even needing to launch PTs.

    I've collected about 40 gigs of samples and loops and I'm crazy about this program.

    Hit me up if you want more information.
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      I have also heard Cubase is a good one. Would reason or cubase work a lot better than Sonar?


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        I use an ancient version of Cubase on Win XP. It rules for midi stuff.


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          Ableton Live.
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            Logic is pretty good for that stuff
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              For writing and arranging, i'd say Ableton Live or if you have a mac, logic.



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                Ableton live is the ultimate electronic/sample based music composition tool. It's the only software I've used that I can say is really inspiring.
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                  Midi editing and composing is one of Cubase's strongest suits.


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                    Yeah I keep hearing Cubase. I do have a version of Ableton that came with my interface though I should try it.


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                      Logic is pretty good for that stuff

                      Its incredibly good for that stuff, plus about anything else you can think to do in a DAW.

                      Logic Pro FTW, imo. Check it out as well.
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                        I've always composed on Guitar Pro... then exported the midi into Logic. Maybe I just like all the Guitar Pro tools and interface.
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                          Another +1 for Reason and Logic...
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                            I used Cubase for years and recently switched to Reaper. Main reason was because Reaper is very cheap compared to the others and I don't feel like I miss anything. It has pretty good MIDI editing and I have not had issues with VST plugins... simple security, and basically it just works.
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