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Spam Thread 11/26/2012

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  • Spam Thread 11/26/2012

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    Sorry for the smudges toward the bottom of the body.

    Peavey Wolfgang Standar with original hardshell case and candy (case key, owner's manual, extra springs for floyd, allen wrenches). Excllent condition. There are two blemishes on back (pictured) neither go through the paint, other than that it's minty. I know this is cliche but the pix really don't do it justice. The top looks better in person, red has got to be the most difficult color to photograph. This is a good one, you can fell it resonating when when played acoustically and it sounds great plugged in. I bought this from the original owner. He told me he bought two back in the late '90's. He played one and this has spent most of it's life in the case.

    I'm looking for $1,000 after actual shipping to buyer's zip and paypal fees. Feel free to ask any questions and send me your zip for a shipping quote.


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      EMG 85, quick connect, no harness.

      $40 shipped. or partial trade for a warpig or aftermath.
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        SKB 4 Space Roto Rack, great condition - Sold

        Monster Cable Pro 600 PowerCenter 9-Outlet Power Conditioner Like new, original packaging - 30 Bucks Shipped CONUS

        Raxess Sliding Rack, great shape, had two spots of Velcro, - 25 shipped CONUS

        Will sell all for 140 Shipped

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        Fender American Telecaster - 3-Tone Burst
        Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Trident Stage I
        Mesa/Boogie 2-12 Recto Cab
        Peavey Bandit
        Peavey Special 112
        Xotic, Fulltone, Ibanez Effects
        TC Electronic iB Modified G-System

        Originally Posted by charveldan

        Drunk guy through a PV, that's Rock-n-Roll.

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          WTB Fuzz Probe and/or Fender Blender
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            Mesa Mini-Rec & Earcandy Sovereign 1x12 - $1100

            Green Machine in the Sovereign


            Mesa Mini Rectifier Amplifier

            Earcandy Sovereign Cabinet

            Two Footswitches

            Two Footswitch Cables

            Two Power Cables

            Mesa Mini Rec Gig Bag

            Earcandy Leather Slip Cover

            5 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty INCLUDED


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              Murf w/ tap tempo and Power supply. I have the manual and maybe the box. - 225$

              Oc2- japan made- 80$

              Montgomery badlands- decal wore off- make offer

              Montgomery beast egg- make offer

              Ibanez compressor 2

              boss ds1- sold

              all prices plus actual shipping.

              Open to trades for an M9, M5, voodoo labs GCX, And a reverb pedal



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                FOR SALE: Perfect condition EHX Stereo Clone Theory Chorus Vibrato - $75 shipped CONUS

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                Originally Posted by Naterel

                I dunno, my glasses were dirty from slider grease thats why my vision was blurry.

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                  Mackie MR8 Studio Monitors. Like new.

                  $350 ship/pp (gift) in ConUS

                  Will ship in original packaging.
                  Mesa/Boogie Mob

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                    Selling or trading:


                    Ibanez CS-9 analog chorus - $60

                    Digitech Digidelay - $60

                    Jet City Jet Direct Speaker Emulator - $35


                    EMG HA - quick connect, no harness $40

                    Gibson 490R $40

                    Looking for:

                    MXR Phase 90

                    Shallow rack between 2 and 4 spaces.

                    Black DiMarzio PAF Pro

                    Black SD Custom 5

                    Cash would be great too.


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                      FS: Peavey Valveking & Madison Divinity

                      Peavey Valveking VK100 Head $400 SHIPPED

                      Dead MINT, has all the original Ruby tubes, the amp is only a year old, I am the original owner and it is in perfect condition cosmeticly and functionally. It has been gigged only twice.

                      Madison Divinity Head $500 SHIPPED

                      This amp was retubed about a year ago with all JJs in the pre section and JJ E34Ls in the power section. Doesnt have any wear on the tolex or shell. The only scratches are on a couple of the knobs.

                      This is a great sounding amp, it has that low growl on the gain channel while still retaining a warm tone. This amp is awesome for leads, the warmth plus the lush reverb gives it a great lead tone. It can sometimes be slightly noisy, but nothing a noisegate couldnt solve, it also tightens up very well with a boost or tubescreamer. I have used this amp for just over a year now, and I really dont want to sell it, but under the circumstances, I have to sell things to be able to afford a vehicle. This amp is becomming very rare and sought after. Everything on the amp works perfectly, and I have gigged it only 3 times since owning it. I bought this amp for $550, so $500 including shipping is easily a fair offer. (save the lowballs on this one.)

                      ~I am selling these amps because I currently have 4 tube amps, and I dont really gig enough to justify owning them all, plus I need to put the money toward buying a car.

                      If you have any questions or are interested in anything, please send me a PM.

                      Thanks, Nick.
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                        I'm looking for: mics (audix i5, e609, e906, shure sm7b, rode NT1-A/NTK/NT2, other recording mics), Baron Amps, EVH 5150 III mini or 100w, Pedaltrain I/JR boards, preamps (daking mic pre one, ua 610 solo, p-solo, ISA-1)

                        FS/FT (prefer trade + cash from you on trade deals, need to add a little cash to the coffers, does not included pp or shipping unless otherwise noted):

                        Kafel S150: near mint/mint, comes with original footswitch and slipcover, awesome vintage Marshall tones, massive in house hand wound transformers $700 shipped pp gift - huge price drop, need this gone

                        Laney TT50H: near mint/mint, comes with original footswitch, 3 channels, reverb. $650 shipped pp gift

                        Laney VC50 2X12: excellent condition, footswitch, stock, 50 watt version of the flagship VH100R. $600 shipped pp gift or $500 local to MN/WI

                        Mesa 2X12: excellent condition, still has hang tag, handmade V30 clones, wired for 4 ohms. $400 local to MN/WI

                        USA US Masters Blackhawk (explorer): near mint/mint, hand made in Madison, WI, single bridge HB (SD JB), awesome player and made by the owner as a personal guitar. $800 shipped pp gift

                        USA Jackson KE2: has a pro body/neck repair that is solid and can't be felt while playing, awesome tone and looks good (hard to tell it's been broken, has a beat up case. $700 shipped pp gift

                        Danny Hines Telemaster: near mint/mint, light relic, nitro, swamp ash body, soft v maple neck, klein pickups (fatman bridge, limited neck). $1050 shipped pp gift

                        Washburn RX50: near mint/mint, stock. $200 shipped pp gift

                        Humphrey Audio Badder Monkey: near mint/mint, comes with original box. $60 shipped pp gift

                        vintage 70's Ross Phaser: excellent condition despite age, orange box. $100 shipped pp gift

                        Ibanez AD9 analog delay: near mint/mint, comes with original box. $110 shipped pp gift

                        BBE Sonic Stomp: near mint/mint, comes with original box. $60 shipped pp gift

                        Rio Grandes HB set: original no name ones, came out of a Motorave guitar I got on the forum, 2 conductor braided wiring, lots of lead left, creme, neck 7.89/bridge 8.4. $110 shipped pp gift

                        US Masters V2 bridge HB: came out of a USA made US Masters Blackhawk, chrome, 2 conductor braided wiring. $25 shipped pp gift

                        Full band IEM setup: 1 Audio Technica M2 M-band transmitter, 4 M2R bodypacks, 4 pairs of EP3 earbuds, 1 metal carrying case. $1,200 + pp/insurance/shipping. A quality IEM system for around $300 a person. No trades on this as it's not all my gear and we're looking to upgrade.

                        Jamhub Bedroom: excellent condition, used for about 6 months, comes with everything a new one comes with, everything besides the actual unit and power supply have been used, all other things are still new/never used. $225 shipped/ppl'd CONUS

                        BNIB Shure SM58s: new, I have 4, I bought these for backup singing but before we could even gig them we decided to go with Sennheisers so these are new in box and unused. $85 shipped/pp gift CONUS each

                        BNIB OSP 12 mic ATA case: new in box, awesome looking case but we I have another case I prefer. $50 local or + shipping/pp

                        Will sell the mics and the case for $375 shipped/pp gift CONUS or add 3%.

                        BYOC Chorus SOLD

                        RS Guitarworks Modern Strat wiring upgrade kit new/uninstalled SOLD

                        RS Guitarworks caps (0.022 uf and 0.015 uf) SOLD

                        I have pics of all, please inquire for details.


                        My rig:
                        Edwards ELP-112LTS/RE

                        Butler Silver Hammer
                        ISP Vector SL
                        Kafel 412

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                          Please PM for pics or questions...

                          NO TRADES PLEASE!

                          Marshall 1936 WGS VET30 & Reaper HP $300

                          Egnater Tweaker 40 w/switch $400

                          Lopoline Sig 2x12 w/English Greenback's $350

                          TC Electronic Flashback Delay $125

                          Gutierrez Budda w/RIO Grande BBQ $500

                          Surreal More Pedal $60

                          Crate 2x12 $100


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                            FS: MXR Wylde Overdrive - $45 SHIPPED

                            VINYL PILOTMrGuymy good transactions


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                              Quote Originally Posted by The Anomaly
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                              Godin Summit CT in Natural. I'm looking for trades on guitars. No amps, and no pedals. I like Carvins, Ibbys, MIJ LP's, LP Studios, Ibby's, Charvel So Cals, Teles, Warmoth creations, and generally, guitars with a 10" or 12" neck radius.

                              Feck, that's a nice guitar. I was looking at one of those at one point. I have a MIA tele maybe for trade. Let me think.