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Need suggestions for a new amp ...

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  • Need suggestions for a new amp ...

    I own a fender deluxe reverb as my main amp and love it. But I
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    I would normally recommend a Mark series amp. They're normally known for their "liquid leads", and huge amounts of gain, but the cleans might be a little "too similar" to what you are already running. I think for cleans, if you have a Fender in the stable, a Roland Jazz Chorus might give you a different, but very usable clean tone.

    Also, with considering, a modern Line 6 POD (come at me bros)...
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      another DR with some pedals for color .
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        Plexi ... JetCity
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          My answer is always used Zinky Blue Velvet.
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            vox of some sort?


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              I'd say get a Vox AC-15 and also a Marshall VS100 or 8100. You can cover most Oasis with the Fender, Vox and Marshall VS triplet.


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                Vox or a tweed deluxe
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