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What Sport(s) do you play?


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  • What Sport(s) do you play?

    Just curious to see who here plays a sport and at what level?

    I'm currently playing tennis a County level (equivalent to state level in the US.) Which is awesome.

    How about you?
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    I play sex at pron star level.


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      fak. beat me too it. ^

      i also enjoy getting too drunk to fish
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        Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgandy
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        I play sex at pron star level.

        I play pron at a professional level.
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          If you think this forum sucks visit here: started by user guitarbilly74


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            I sometimes throw a rubber ball and an iron rim. Kindergarten level, but I used to be better.

            I may take up shooting with my GF...she apparently LOVES it but hasn't shot in a while, I just know that I am terrible.

            I run at a "I barely finished that half marathon" level.

            Apart from that I don't really have a ton of people to hang out with and I'm a loner so I don't play team sports much. When I drop some more weight I may look into getting another pair of bball shoes and start playing pickup games again.
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              Level 122 mystical wizard.
              Some guys like a challenge. Not me.


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                I throw discus (recreationally now). In high school, I missed state qualifying by 2 inches. I could have thrown at a smaller college, but I opted for drinking and playing guitar at a big school.

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                  Ice hockey, rec league.
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                      Tonsil hockey.
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                        Quote Originally Posted by Yarbicus
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                        Tonsil hockey.

                        Pocket pool.
                        Some guys like a challenge. Not me.


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                          Thumb wrestling

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                            lol sports
                            Originally Posted by Yarbicus

                            I love you.

                            Originally Posted by Yarbicus

                            I STILL love you!

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                            I know that bag. I know it well. Liquor store pron. He ain't dead yet!

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                              I played 2 years of football in high school.

                              Starting bench '06/'07 FTMFW!!

                              When it isn't cold here (which isn't often) I ride my bike everywhere.
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