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Do you evar get fRunk and listen to sad Journey songs ?


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  • Do you evar get fRunk and listen to sad Journey songs ?

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    I hardly get frunk nowadays but I do love me some Journey
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      I like that Schon & Hammer album "Untold Passion" and Taquila
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        they're no Linkin Park.
        Originally Posted by OverDriven

        That is probably the single most ****************ed up thing I've ever seen posted on HCAF. Congrats.

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          Quote Originally Posted by NaturalBornBoy
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          I hardly get frunk nowadays but I do love me some Journey

          100% this. No frunk needed.
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          Originally Posted by DrakkarTyrannis

          Ya'll n****s is gay

          Cheers, Lucius.

          Originally Posted by BrendanO

          For real. Anomaly shreds not only his balls off, but the balls off two out of every five children born after 1992.


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            Quote Originally Posted by JR13
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            they're no Linkin Park.

            One step closer to the edge, Dan's about to shake!
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              Quote Originally Posted by The Anomaly
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              100% this. No frunk needed.

              Me three.


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                I get plenty frunk plenty often, but I never intentionally listen to Journey. Hate dat band.

                Originally Posted by BrendanO

                It's not prostitution as long as you film it.


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                  I get mad when journey comes on.

                  Especially if someone puts it on on purpose.
                  Originally Posted by Jimmy James

                  Or you can try living on the southside of Chicago on eight dollars a month and learn some real blues phrases.

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                    I thought you kicked the booze, Dan.
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                      Haven't been fRunk in almost three weeks. Journey tickles my cold, dark, bitter 80s heart in some sadisticly masochistic way. Like, I don't go out of my way to listen to them, but if I run across one of their tunes I get all nostalgic and start wondering what happened to that first girl that made my flexible limb stand at attention.
                      Originally Posted by Murdoch

                      HCAF Y U NO TALK MAPS

                      Three dicks in an ass, n00b.

                      Originally Posted by Dr.Picklebottom

                      wtf is next? lets talk about our favorite nsync album. i love them all because i was really making strides in my dress making business at the time...


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                        Journey seems appropriate if I'm holding hands though.
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                          I can't drink and listen to journey at the same time...I need both hands available to cover my ears.
                          Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
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                            use a straw
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                              Only in the skating rink.
                              Some guys like a challenge. Not me.