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What work would you *LIKE* to do?


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  • What work would you *LIKE* to do?

    Being a musician and/or gigolo aside, what work would you like to do?

    I dig being a software developer, and want to continue to work in this field, tho as I get older only want to do about ~ 3 days / week.

    Wouldn't mind filling out the other ~ 2 days a week as a 50+ life coach / personal trainer, but the problem is there are already so many out there, some qualified, some not so much, I doubt there's room for another.

    So I find myself musing over other possibilities, perhaps something in the arts, maybe graphic arts / photography, something along those lines, like an EVH pixel consultant or something.

    What about you?
    The community here was awesome but the digs & spirit of the place has been in decline ever since it became a business venture rather than a simple collective and this latest gong show really brought the chickens home to roost.Necessity is the mother of invention, ergo: long and thanks for all the fish, love izzy.

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    I would like to sell pedals.

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      If you do the life coach thing with the intention of helping people over making money, I don't see why you couldn't. Undercut everyone else, and just do it for your own enjoyment.
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      Don't you realize you're not making Christianity any better, you're just making Rock and Roll worse.

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      My ex confided to me when we were madly in love that her ex before me was literally hung like a pringles can. That was one of the worst moments of my life.


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        Day Trader, I do it on the side but I would love to have balls and the cash to do it full time.

        But most of all I would love to be a pro lottery winner. we have gone there, please follow!!!Rememberhttp://www.guitarampboard.comYes that's right^_^ ^_^


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          tax atty, just w/out the whole "law school" bit

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          Look man, if RSBro is telling you not to give in to the pimp side and keep it rational, I'd listen.

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          I thought you were black for some reason...

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          Not to be a dick, but you're a pretentious douche, and a closet Periphery fan.

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          im in nyc, you are in texas, will a long distance relationship work?


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            I'm currently going to school for engineering, so I hope to be doing that in the future.
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              I'd like to do marketing for some sort of music company. or something... i dunno
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              That is probably the single most ****************ed up thing I've ever seen posted on HCAF. Congrats.

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                Im pretty much right where I want to be in my career. Im doing GIS work for a fortune 500 company. Pretty much what Ive been working toward for the last 6 years or so.
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                  I'm going to be teaching electronics communications starting January. This is what I have always wanted to do. I helped develop and create portions of the course and I will have students to teach lol.. its AWESOME.


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                    Computer engineering student now and haven't quite decided yet exactly what I'd like to do with myself (although I'm sure I won't have that much choice right off the bat).

                    At the moment, I have my eye on a few things. I'd love to get into robotics/automation (especially automation of cars), medical technology (especially surgery-related) or something space-related.
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                      Currently a Water Treatment Plant Operator.

                      Would much prefer to go back to doing electrical work. It's the perfect mix of brain and brawn.
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                      Originally Posted by Neilrocks25

                      I haven't been drunk on sale for a long time either.

                      Originally Posted by telephant

                      You sound like an uptight loser and I suspect you have a lot less friends than you claim. Also, your wife is probably a fatty.


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                        i have had many **************** jobs and honestly really love what i do now, would not change a thing. i get calls and emails all the time from people who love their new home and they thank me for the opportunity to buy a home. feels good. job is easy and pays well, love who i work with too.

                        once a month i get emails from bulk investors who buy anywhere from 3-10 of my properties. i do like 15 minutes of work for a pretty sizeable check. that part never gets old.
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                          I don't really know. I've been trying to figure that out for years.

                          Originally Posted by BrendanO

                          It's not prostitution as long as you film it.


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                            I always liked the idea of being a proprietor of a pub or small restaurant/diner/cafe. I actually like working in this sector of the hospitality industry, being a foodie/cook/beer nerd, but the only way I could see myself making a decent living at it is to be the owner/operator. Unfortunately, I have no formal education in sales/marketing/hospitality/culinary arts nor any means to get the capitol needed to start my own place. I just have some bartending and kitchen experience.

                            Right now I'm in the construction industry working as an electrical designer and CAD specialist. I like what I do alright, but it's not my life, nor do I love it. It pays the bills well and is somewhat stable, but still, I would rather have a job I love than one I tolerate.
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                              I'd also like to run a pub/alehouse or work as an automotive engineer for a high performance manufacturer.