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Thieves ftl; stolen Christmas present content

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  • Thieves ftl; stolen Christmas present content

    As most of you know I work from home meaning when I shop online it's fool proof.

    I ordered a bunch of presents for my kids for Christmas.

    Well today I had to run in to the office to train someone and sure enough a bunch of stuff was delivered and left on my front porch about an hour before I got home. when I get home it's gone.

    One of the items I ordered last month and won't be able to replace in time for Christmas.

    I mean Christmas isn't ruined or anything and I'm hoping FedEx will be easy to deal with but this sucks. What kind of ****************bag steals around the holidays?

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    OJ did it.

    Sucks though...

    kinda like when my wallet was stolen right before a vacation. No ID, so couldnt get into any bars.

    Bad timing


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      Damn, Dave! That freakin' sux! It's one thing to take from me, to to take from my children? Uh-uh...
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      Think about that and try not to get an aneurysm from it.



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        Ah man that suuuuuuuuuuuuucks.
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          That's ****************ed up mang. You gotta move on out the ghetto brah.


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            What a bunch of dicks
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              Tis the season for MFPOMFS.


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                how do i get a job that lets me work from home????

                are you guys hiring any arrogant ****************************s with a lot of irrelevant education?


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                  Had a Les Paul tool from Stew-Mac stolen in the mail last fall, Stew-Mac was great and replaced it.

                  They steal everywhere from everyone, UPS, USPS, FedEx doesn't matter, thats why i can't order unless i'm here the minute they deliver.
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                    yeah this time of year you can't even trust the delivery person , still there are probably car loads of dirt crooks following those trucks around right now .
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                      Mojo sent dude. That sucks pretty hard.
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                        I'm pissed. The main issue is the custom tricycle I ordered and had built. It matched my bike so my boy could go riding with me in the park.

                        It's not like it's irreplaceable but again won't be under the tree. He's been wanting a "bi-kuhl" for months now


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                          Quote Originally Posted by fretless
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                          yeah this time of year you can't even trust the delivery person , still there are probably car loads of dirty crooks following those trucks around right now .

                          You can if it's UPS and probably FedEx. Every package on the truck is scanned in and tracked. If it shows up missing it comes out of the driver's pay. I guess they could hatch an elaborate scheme and fake a robbery or something like that, but with the tracking technology of today it would be pretty hard. The warehouse is where theft usually occurs.

                          Sorry to hear about the theft. If had scumbags steal packages from me a few times. My only consolation was that it was something that they would have almost no use for and probably not be able to sell for profit.
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                            Quote Originally Posted by Rear Naked
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                            how do i get a job that lets me work from home????

                            are you guys hiring any arrogant ****************************s with a lot of irrelevant education?

                            No, I filled that spot last year.


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                              that's pretty lame mang, sorry to hear

                              luckily my front door isn't that easily seen from the street as there's giant ass trees and crape myrtles in the way and there's a little alcove where the delivery peeps usually put mah shiz. however, for something THAT big to have a tryke in it, yeah they'd notice.

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                              I thought you were black for some reason...

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                              im in nyc, you are in texas, will a long distance relationship work?