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What's the most motivating thing you've ever done for your lead playing?


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    Quote Originally Posted by draelyc
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    You sure that didn't start back in middle school?

    no, I was into metal back then. Therefore, I couldn't get muff.
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      Quote Originally Posted by RSBro
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      hearing SRV at 12 and quitting guitar

      That is indeed a great answer!

      For me the best way is to first play all of the songs you like like a human juke box be it dream theater or slash, then do your own stuff if you feel it. First respecting the song and then do your own thing on it. You pick up phrases and techniques here and there instead of putting your own stuff (tapping, squilly, rinse repeat) all the time.

      That and the fact that if you have a drunk drummer and/or a singer who keeps forgetting the lyrics you end up going for many self improvised stuff to maybe save a song or is weird, embarassing and pretty usefull when you actually start to pull it off a bit.
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        Quote Originally Posted by KCTigerChief
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        I can't play leads for ****************...but threads like these motivate me. David Gilmour motivates me. Lots of players motivate me...I just don't feel like I have the time to get that good. I could probably do 30 minutes a day, and it'd take me a lifetime to be able to play what I hear in my head...Bummer.

        This is pretty much me as well. Learning Pornograffitti is going to be on HELL of an undertaking for me.
        Originally Posted by jnurp

        murdoch always brings teh lulz.

        Originally Posted by RockStarBassist

        Also MurdochV wins thread.

        Originally Posted by sleewell

        Murdoch'd = when you think you have something funny to say only to hit post and that son of a bitch said it 10x funnier.


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          The first lesson I had with the best instructor I've worked with said "ok, here's Fade to Black, lets get started"...working through that helped immensely, especially with instruction. My lead playing still sucks, but it's a work in progress. I started working on Frank Gambale's chop builder exercises last night too and it's already helping...haven't had forearm cramps like that in a long time.
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            Practice .... and playing less notes when I'm playing improv leads.
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              Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgandy
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              I don't care how the rest of you practice.


              enumerable technique only players - obviously tons of practice involved & yet the result is still pretty ****************ty & non-musical.

              motivated me to not spend much time on technique


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                In the last few years, I'd say it was picking up some of the Guthrie Govan transcriptions and backing tracks from jamtrackcentral. I learned (and am still learning) a lot. Jamming to the tracks really helps as well...

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                  I moved to playing bass guitar, and hired a guitar player who could pretty much step onto a stage with any national act and shine!!!! I know my limitations too
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                    Listening back to what was played/recorded is what helps me. I tend to play with my hands and not my ears, meaning it is SHRED city most times. While I'm doing it, it is WOW I am ripping up these fast, clean lines, but listening back to it is WOW I played through that progression and not with/over the progression!

                    Of course I then defend myself and say I was going all Miles Davis and modal jazz.

                    As for modes, when you guys say that do you mean the physical or the musical? Once I realized that I knew the physical creation of the modes, the musical was easy as I was over thinking the process of the creation of the modes.



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                      getting my guitar set up properly and playing in tune made me realize how terrible I am. I'm still pretty freaking bad after years of bad practice though.
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                        Joining a band that didn't play every song I had played a million times.

                        Playing as many gigs as possible.

                        Playing in a three piece (bass, guitar drums).

                        Playing in a band that has a horn section.


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                          I was progressing at my fastest rate when I was taking private classical guitar lessons with Scott Morris, harmony and arranging, musicianship, jazz improv workshop, and a performance workshop at my community college.

                          I became more inspired to play and create when I got the Fender Pro Reverb. It was the beginning of me learning how to truly listen to vibrations in the air.
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                            Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgandy
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                            No hover brah

                            For me? I heard J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. Holy **************** he sucks. Nobody wants to hear atonal flurries of misguided note selection mixed with out of pitch bends.

                            I realized I did the same thing so I'm working on playing in key, and hitting bends properly.

                            for me...

                            the world is one big fist fight.

                            Originally Posted by duncan

                            I wonder what a persons life must be like if they're so easily affected by my posting on an Internet forum.

                            Originally Posted by Rear Naked

                            I saw 2 guys do it, and all they did was laugh really hard and say What The **************** a few times. No deaths or near-deaths occured.


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                              Watching live video of my leads usually does the trick, but it only motivates me for about a week or so.
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                              The only "shocking" thing about this thread is that your username wasn't already taken.


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                                Recording always helps me. You have to be objective when you listen back to everything but I always find something to improve upon.