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some douch counterfeited my credit/debit card and went on a shopping spree


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    Happened to me last month, one day after payday. Caught it the next morning when I checked my account online. Thief had purchased a bunch of electronics and supro shoes. Luckily, the bank was able to cancel all but one of the transactions since they hadn't been fully processed and shipped by the companies.


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      this has happened to me twice in the past week. 2 different cards. One of the cards I never even use, I just carry the balance and try to pay it down. It also happened 3 months ago to my bank card. **************** is getting crazy. They need to require photo id for any purchase over 50$.


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        this has happened to me twice in the past week. 2 different cards. One of the cards I never even use, I just carry the balance and try to pay it down. It also happened 3 months ago to my bank card. **************** is getting crazy. They need to require photo id for any purchase over 50$.


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          Mojo to the op


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            Im fine Ron, Im fine, it wasnt pointed at you directly, it was pointed at the sentiment. Im not butthurt in the least.
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              Quote Originally Posted by Pepi
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              This is looking like a daily trend ****************TARDS

              We need ideas to keep this from happening to others

              Watch the Real Hustle from youtube. They show how the most common credit card scams are done.
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                that's lame man

                honestly that's why i use my CC for pretty much everything except drive-thru meals nowadays, so if there is fraudulent activity my CC company will take care of it and i'm not out any actual cash.

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                  Sorry to hear. Really couldn't have come at a worse time. I'm lucky enough to not have this happen to me except when it's me who does the charges. Kinda like my bank in that aspect. They are the perfect level of cautious. Hope it gets resolved soon for you
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                    This happened to me last year right around thanksgiving, and then this year right after thanksgiving. Luckily Chase was all over it. Also, mine were/are credit cards so the bank is willing to fight really hard because it's their money.


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                      That sux! Happened to me on my debit card 2 years ago, got me for like $3k! I got paid on Friday, check my balance on Monday & was in the hole $500! I just had to scoot to my local branch and do the fraud affidavit to get my $ back, took like 3 days.

                      My AT&T universal card got hit for a few grand too. Had to do the same thing, but via mail and notary as there aren't any AT&T universal card places to go to.

                      Sucks man, right at the holiday too!



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                        Too bad we dont do theieves here, like they do in the middle east. I'm all about cutting a thieve's hand off

                        I'd be down with stoning, as well.
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                          happened to me, and the bank said it was a physical swipe, in northern VA, but im in TX. means someone actually cloned the magstrip.


                          wasnt out much and it was handled politely and quick. hope the same. mojo.
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                            Change your bank. I'm with Bank of America and if anyone uses my debit card fraudulently they will immediately replace the funds in the account. I've had it happen and the money was back in my account within 5 minutes of calling. If your bank is making this a long, drawn out process then they suck.
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                              I've had a CC company call up to check on whether or not a charge was dodgy. Was actually just me buying something online or something. A bit irritated at first, until I realised I'd be ****************ing chuffed if they were on it that quickly with an actual dodgy transaction. Fortunately that hasn't happened to me yet.
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                                Some Nigerian guy hacked my PC. Found out last night from Yahoo tec guy. I had to use my deit card to pay the $199 to get it fixed, so I went to the bank to end that card. The bank saw no use, so the guys missed out. He had access to my PC before they fixed it and I have to give the my card # to fix it