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This needed its own thread, I couldn't stop laughing


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  • This needed its own thread, I couldn't stop laughing

    Cheers, Lucius
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    I lol'd
    "The farther I go the less I know."

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      some contrived but still lulzy
      The community here was awesome but the digs & spirit of the place has been in decline ever since it became a business venture rather than a simple collective and this latest gong show really brought the chickens home to roost.Necessity is the mother of invention, ergo: long and thanks for all the fish, love izzy.


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        I am in in tears laughing in my office. Some of those were amazing!
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          I love these!
          Originally Posted by guy in my avatar

          If I were going to start drilling these days, I'm going to use the same resume Skeel jazz or precision bass, one for competition 800RB and Peavy 410 TVX cabinet.


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              "skittletits" is going to be put into the rotation of nicknames at home.
              Originally Posted by Murdoch

              HCAF Y U NO TALK MAPS

              Three dicks in an ass, n00b.

              Originally Posted by Dr.Picklebottom

              wtf is next? lets talk about our favorite nsync album. i love them all because i was really making strides in my dress making business at the time...


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                GOD DONKEY!! I lost it on that one.

                Originally Posted by Rampage

                You have repressed sexual feelings for your father.

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                  Those were excellent


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                    Quote Originally Posted by metalguy
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                    GOD DONKEY!! I lost it on that one.

                    I died on that one and "skittletits"
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                      Skittletits is officially going into my daily vocabulary.
                      -"Actual journalism? Isn't that when you don't commit crimes?"
                      -"Hell no, it's when we commit really good crimes."


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                        I've seen all of these but I'm still tearing up over here...

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                        Originally Posted by Sex Panther

                        I never called myself "Love Panther" or "Commitment Panther".

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                          that **************** was hilarious


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                            Thanks Lucius. That made up for the 3 ****************ty days in a row I've had at work this week.
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                              What I don't get is... who the **************** doesn't actually read what they're typing out?
                              Originally Posted by Norton666 (15/07/2009)

                              Give it 6 months and the Axe-Fx will be mentioned in the same sentence as the Johnson Millenium stuff.