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Les Paul pickguard on or off?

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  • Les Paul pickguard on or off?



  • #2
    I have no preference, but I just realized les pauls look like cartoony narwhals, with the pickup selector being the eye and the neck being the horn.
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      • #4
        definitely off. that thing is gorgeous


        • #5
          Does it sound better on or off
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          • #6
            On, but change the pickguard, selector switch plate, pickups rings & knobs to black FTW
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            • #7
              Off. The correct answer for any LP where the wood grain is showing is always off.
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              • #8
                on that one either way , I may actually lean to on , but Good Lord what a stunning LP that is !
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                    • #11
                      on. always on.


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                        Naked Les Pauls are secksay.
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                          Practically speaking, I don't like the guards on a LP's. I tend to jack-wallop them until they break, leaving scars and screw holes. But there are those LP's that just don't look right without one.

                          All of that to say this, once you screw it on you are set for the life of ownership to having one on or deal with the scars...IMO leave it off.
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                          • #14
                            I think either works on that guitar. It looks good
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                              On. Always.
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