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  • Warehouse Liberator?

    Has anybody tried these yet? I built a 4x12 a few months ago with some scraps after I built my wife a closet and got some cash to fill it finally. I already have a 4x12 with vet30 and vintage 30s and a 2x12 with eminence legend GB speakers. Honestly the Legend GBs are amazing and I would be happy with 4 of them but the I would like to try something new but in the same direction because the greenback types sound so much better than the V30s with my rectoverb. The V30 cab is just so dark it is great with my superlead clone and with the Laney but the recto likes greenbacks a lot more.

    Any other suggestions?
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    I have a few different cabs, but the one cab that sounds good with any amp I have is a Marshall 1960a with Warehouse Reaper HP's. I just bought two more Reapers to put in a 2x12 cab I hope to buy soon. They are fantastic sounding and they are like a Greenback on steroids.
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    That's the problem with Marshalls... They cut right through.


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    Kinda how I quit drinking for a long time. That was lame so I started again