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My son playing a Suhr Modern 7


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    good chops on that kid!

    nice guitar too those Suhr 7's are really nice guitars.
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      Killer playing, feel and tone... And it sounds like his attitude is in the right place to make him a truly masterful player with time,

      Be very proud Dad!!
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        One thing with the clip, which you all can see, is that it is one take, no overdubs.


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          ****************************. Badass!! Makes me ashamed of my entry haha.
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            Quote Originally Posted by KCTigerChief
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            Dude has chops for days, great vibrato

            Love that vibrato too


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              Very Nice! The tone choices And neck pu sound reminded me of Vinnie Moore
              Knut E Evenmo before the great update


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                Hm...he likes Winnie Moore, but I know that he


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                  your son has serious talent - sounds like he doesn't realize how good he really is. Show him this thread & what a tough room this place typically is ... such kudo's are few and far between. On thing fersure, he's got mad chops.
                  Originally Posted by Murdoch

                  That's what you get for putting a ****************************ed Floyd on a Lester. ****************************.


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                    Holy crap!

                    That was AWESOME!!!
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                      He's a great player. Great bends and the note selection fit the rhythm very well.
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