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My son playing a Suhr Modern 7

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  • My son playing a Suhr Modern 7

    What says you? I say it sounds quite good.


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    That was just awesome!


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      Sounds very good, he's great player


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        WOW hes friggin amazing!@!!!!
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          Great playing! Awesome right hand technique.
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            Thanks. Well, that


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              Dude has chops for days, great vibrato, tasty note selection...The fact he's still humble should make you a proud father.

              That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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                Quote Originally Posted by KCTigerChief
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                Dude has chops for days, great vibrato, tasty note selection...The fact he's still humble should make you a proud father.

                That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

                This. I'd be proud if that was my kid!
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                  That was awesome. Keep on him. I'm sure he'll break out of the same easy run thing. Very impressed. Good use of the trem too


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                    Dayum son!
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                    i have 12,000+ posts at HCAF, of course im a ****************ing tone guru


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                      I MUST GET ONE OF THOSE GUITARS


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                        Better than anything I could ever do. Tell him to keep up the good work.
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                          Fantastic display of instrument prowess and talent. Kudos.
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                            Really Good!


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                              That was awesome! I loved the little slide embellishments, some good fast runs, a few flubs (which are FINE, it shows it's really being played)...

                              You can be proud :-)
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