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    yes you are forced to move to the islands to escape the zombie horde , luckily both Andrea and Maggie are with you and they love guitar driven music , all others dead , well maybe somewhere Keef & Mick are still going but no time for that now . You can take one guitar . Good thing there is a monkey powered generator on your island to power the last surviving 1/2 stack , which I think may be a Laney with a Marshall badge , but we'll deal with that later ... Your 1 geetar, what is it ???
    "Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more."
    Nikola Tesla

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    My ninja. Not even a question. Its been may main/only guitar over the last 3 years, and I dont see that changing until I can get an ESP SV-II.
    Peavey ESP DiMarzio

    I get my tubes from should too!!

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      My American HH Strat


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        Probably a Rainsong acoustic. It would handle the elements well.

        For an electric it would be a strat with a humbucker in the bridge. I've had countless guitars and nothing feels as good to me as a strat for some reason.
        Originally Posted by DrakkarTyrannis

        I'm a drag queen..not Jesus Christ

        Originally Posted by LuckisforLosers

        Don't sound like Korn.


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          PRS DGT


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            This week?

            My N7.
            Yup. PM inbox is full.


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              Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.

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                My Tele


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                  It also weighs more than a lot of Les Pauls, so it can be used to crush zombie skulls in case they learn to swim without worrying about breaking the headstock.


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                    My buddy's '98 PRS Cu22

                    Best version of that model I've ever touched, which is in turn my fave git-fiddle

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                    Originally Posted by Phrophus

                    Look man, if RSBro is telling you not to give in to the pimp side and keep it rational, I'd listen.

                    Originally Posted by Holy War

                    I thought you were black for some reason...

                    Originally Posted by Murdoch

                    Not to be a dick, but you're a pretentious douche, and a closet Periphery fan.

                    Originally Posted by jnurp

                    im in nyc, you are in texas, will a long distance relationship work?


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                      prs starla
                      strat strat tele PRS agile gretsch martin

                      WINNER HCAF BEST RACK RIG 2012!!!!!!!

                      fender blues deluxe > whitebox 212

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                        Something H-S-H if I could only have one. Probably a J Custom Ibanez S Series hard tail.
                        Ibanez S2170FB
                        Soldano X88R Clone Preamp
                        TC Electronic G-Major 2
                        50W EL34 Rack Power Amp
                        Lopo 2x12 Cab.

                        Stuff I've built:
                        5W tube amp (1 12AX7/1 EL84)
                        Ruby Cigar Box Amp
                        X88R Clone
                        50 Rack Power Amp


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                          My Levinson Blade R3. Best guitar and Strat I've ever played.
                          Look how hard my heart hurts.
                          I need help, give me the works.

                          Originally Posted by Neilrocks25

                          I haven't been drunk on sale for a long time either.

                          Originally Posted by telephant

                          You sound like an uptight loser and I suspect you have a lot less friends than you claim. Also, your wife is probably a fatty.


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                            My Tokai VC75.
                            Check out my band "Tock" Debut album coming out soon:


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                              My koa partscaster.

                              Rivera K-Tre
                              Randall T2

                              Carvin, Gibson, ESP

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