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Dull sounding Marshall amp.


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    DeOxit D5 is one of the best contact cleaners to come out in a long time.

    They even sell it at the larger music store chains.


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      Did he change tubes? Rebias?


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        [QUOTE=frosty55;47360575]When I took the Marshall to my techie, he gave it a complete service. Including fitting a matched quad of JJEL34 Tubes, replacing the electrolytic caps and adjusting the bias. I cant remember exactly how the amp sounded when I got it back in 2005. I kept it locked away for years until deciding to give it a complete overhaul by my techie two years ago.[/QUOTE

        All of this.


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          Quote Originally Posted by frosty55
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          Quote Originally Posted by drewl
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          Maybe something in the loop he added isn't quite right.

          Does the sound change if you stick a patch cord in the loop?

          Yes. I suck a patch cord in the loop and the clarity has returned !!

          What happened there then?

          something is wrong with the loop, try cleaning and it it doesn't work take it to your tech to look at the circuit. Show him the difference with the cable in/out the loop.


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            Had loop installed in my 2203 years ago. Had same issue when I got it back. Brought it back to tech. He scratched out a lead and added a cap somewhere and now it's almost transparent. It's the loop dude.

            Also, have your tech make the loop switchable after he fixes it. No use in using a loop when you dont need it. That way you can also A/B your amp with the loop on and off to see just how much your loop is affecting the amp.
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              Ok thanks chaps. Will do.