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  • New Clutch -- Earth Rocker

    Going to see them tonight at the 930 Club ****************ERS!!!!

    Fight The Bear

    Originally Posted by themadscientist

    What's with the TGP like attitude around here when it comes to women?

    Some people obviously want to get their dick wet, others are waiting for handwired NOS mirage pussy.

    Originally Posted by Sheik_Yerbouti

    I've had a raging 5153 priapism ever since.

    Originally Posted by Oblivion DC

    You're confusing Socialists and Hippies. Socialists will slaughter their own for the good of the Collective. Hippies just smell bad.

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    Looking forward to this album!
    Great deals with: Draco Aron X 2 , Holy War, Edge of Darkness X 2, freehandarson, Chrisjd, Yo_Squig, Crank, Abstract, xnatex, Norton666, JSilverstein, Elemenope, moop, Ricky Rockhardo

    Originally Posted by madryan

    That's the problem with Marshalls... They cut right through.


    B.) Bending a woman over and seeing sphincter art is pretty much a clear signal that she wants you to salt the Devil's Onion Ring.

    Originally Posted by Ron Burgandy

    Kinda how I quit drinking for a long time. That was lame so I started again


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      Awesome song once it got going.
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