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Tweaker 88 on sale?!


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  • Tweaker 88 on sale?!

    I swear the gods are TEMPTING me.

    So last week I decided to just get that 5150 III 50 watt knowing it was the right decision & ordered it from Arend, what comes today in the mail but the latest Musician's Friend catalog.

    What is listed for sale on page 15 for $599.99?!

    That Tweaker 88!

    Do I need yet another amp that'll get used as sparingly as all my others as my others, most likely being used only @ my GF's place?

    And there's that VC50 for sale too that I need, and lord knows I need the baby version of my VH100R that sits the bench!


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    That is a good deal. American Musical has them at $899
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      I've heard the 88 has largely been a disappoint.
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      So, yes, you're right by and large.

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        I saw one in GC today for $587.
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          Like a TWIT I forgot to put the link to M F's page...

          Man, talk about TEASING. Does it do anything that my Road King doesn't? Beyond running on KT88s...



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            Very interested. I don't have a GC near me, so I've never tried it, but the videos sound good, and the reviews are okay.

            I'm a big Egnater fan. Currently own a TOL100. Which is sweet.

            Had the tweaker 40 for a while.

            Sounded great clean, and had a biting crunch tone.

            The options were nice, but I found my settings and stuck with them.

            People expect a lot out of amps with these sort of features, which may be why the reviews are less than stellar.

            I also suspect they are biased cold from the factory to improve reliability. Most mass produced amps are shipped that way.

            The 40 didn't quite have the low enc oomph I was used to, until I got the volume pot up to 1'o clock. Too loud.

            That is the same with the 15, from what I've read.

            I may just order it and give it a shot. MF has a good return policy, if it turns out I don't like it.
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              Quote Originally Posted by Cliff Fiscal
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              I may just order it and give it a shot. MF has a good return policy, if it turns out I don't like it.

              It is calling to me too! I'd prefer to give my $ to Lewp-a-lou as he good people and SW is by far the best major internet music retailer but D A M N that is a good price!