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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike LX-R
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    yes the 6L6's will definitely help and if you feel like you NEED a boost to do leads with it then I have to assume you're doing something wrong. I run my GH50L with both gain and drive around 7 and the ****************er sings. I can't imagine the VH being much different since their designed very similarly, and yes those Jensens are definitely not helping any of this.

    Tried it through the 75s and it sounded better. The amp definitely gets a lot bigger with some volume lol I think I am moreso needing to change my approach just a hair. There is plenty of gain for rhythm and I can do leads with this amount of gain, just seems weird to be maxed out right out of the gate. It has new tubes and from what the seller said, was went through and rebiased and setup properly. I will keep tweaking it a bit as well. I see on the back there is a bunch of different configurations for the effects loop. Can I get a little sizzle out of that by running a patch cable?


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      so I pushed the treble and presence up a good bit. I am playing mahogany V with Dimazrio Dactivators in C# standard. Turning those controls up brought the little bit of sizzle I like without sounding like a killer bee attack. I like this amp!


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        It sounds like your gain settings are normal. Remember that you can use the loop return knob on the back as a global master volume. It comes in handy with an amp this loud.


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          Quote Originally Posted by CaViTaTioN
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          So for leads, did you just kick in a tubescreamer or something? Kind of sucks to have 2 channels with 2 extra drive settings to only end up running with everything full blast lol I do like the gain I am getting, just didnt think I would be maxing it out for a rhythm tone. Would the 6l6s help you think?

          I think I used an eq pedal.....there is some quick tricky stuff you can do with the effects loop on that amp (7 of them if I recall?)
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            Quote Originally Posted by sahlomonic
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            Damn right it did

            OP, I never thought I'd say it but I like that red tolex. Maybe the offest of chrome and black with the red is what makes it look good, but that color combo is killer!

            Yup. Freds got it in Russia now
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              Quote Originally Posted by Snave
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              It sounds like your gain settings are normal. Remember that you can use the loop return knob on the back as a global master volume. It comes in handy with an amp this loud.

              If you set the loop to insert, the Return level knob is what you adjust, just like you said. I did not get a chance to play with it as I had Christmas leftover stuff to do Am I going to jumper the send and return or is the level adjustable by just selecting "Insert"?

              As far as Master Volume goes, I am admittedly a noob. I think Would using this control as a global master mean I would crank the individual channel volume levels and control it overall with the Return level knob? Lots of questions, I know.


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                No patch cable is necessary. Just set it to insert and you're good to go.

                Think of this "global master" as more of an attenuator. I used to set it near zero to give the channel volume controls a more usable, less sensitive sweep (even during gigs).


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                  I have practice this evening. I will have to give it a go.