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Anyone have a Tweaker 88? I have a question for you?


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  • Anyone have a Tweaker 88? I have a question for you?

    This amp seems really appealing but I can't seem to find a really good demonstration of the boost function. I typically like 3 channel amps for a clean, crunch, and lead setup.

    I know you can do a clean or gain boost, and I'm wondering if you can realistically get 4 different sounds, so a clean, clean with gain boost for a little breakup, lead set lower gain for crunch, and then gain boost on for a lead sound.

    I know Egnater calls it a "quasi" 4 channel amp. Does the gain boost really alter the base tone enough to be useful as 4 different tones?


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    The only vid that shows the boosts is the one from NAMM that I could find:

    About the 6.45 to about the 7.45 min mark this shows a good amount of gain on tap.

    I dunno if I'd say that it alters the tone, I think the boost just gives you a kick of OD so you don't need an OD pedal. Which isn't a bad thing. They're only $600 @ MF right now!