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Reccomend me a good 4 ohm ten inch speaker!


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  • Reccomend me a good 4 ohm ten inch speaker!

    So I just got a Traynor TVM50, which is an awesome amp! 50 watt, built in rechargeable battery that runs for 10 hours! Good tone too, however there isn't a whole lot of headroom. I run my vocals and guitar through it (never that high of volume) and it seems to have a little bit of ugly high end fizz and just a generally flat, lo fi kind of sound. I'm hoping maybe a replacement speaker will kind of liven it up a bit and give it more depth. I feel that my guitar's frequencies are being shoddily reproduced. More harmonic overtone and better dynamic response would be nice. I play all kinds of music and switch frequently between clean and distorted. Generally the tone I go for is along the lines of Jerry Cantrell's lead tone in the song got me wrong (by Alice in chains). the stock speaker is kind of dull and cheap sounding. Any advice would be appreciated! Also I don't know a lot about impedance but I hear it is better to match for optimum volume and tone, is this the case? I was looking into Jenson mod 10-50 's, are they any good? thanks!
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    Weber ceramic.
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      With impedance you're always safest replacing the stock speaker with one of the same impedance. That said, in some amps you can go to a higher impedance without too much risk.

      I have a MOD10-70 in 8 ohms and it sounds good to my ears. It's middier than I thought it would be, that "hint" of British is more than a hint IMO. Sort of in your face sounding. I'm not crazy about it in my 5 watt tube amp because that amp is already very middy, but I hooked it up to my 25 watt Fender solid state and it sort of filled out and sounded very rich and vibrant. I don't think you'll go wrong with the MOD10-50 if you like that sort of sound.
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