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So what do you guys use to carry all of your accessories around in?


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    I use a briefcase looking toolbox I got from home cheapo. It looks like a briefcase, made out of chipboard and some sort of metal covering. Works well. I've had it for years and it's still intact.
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      Gym bag. But I need a big bag for an air raid siren and beers
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        plastic bags.
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          plastic bags.

          nice..... I got a samsonite suitcase at good will for $3 and the latches still work. Also a BIG DeWalt bag at tool king
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            Pedalboard case for all leads, slides, capos, plectrums etc, guitar case compartment for strings.
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              I wrap stuff up in large hankerchief and tie it to the end of a stick. You can carry it over one shoulder and carry your guitar in the other hand.
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                Cheap luggage bag w/ wheels from Target. It has my bass amp, cables, power adapter, some tools, various picks, and my pedalboard if I decide to bring it. Spare strings are in the gigbag.


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                  Small cooler.
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                    Old black top-loading leather flight bag - it's both practical and classy!


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                      my foreskin
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                        Cornhole. Once you've been prolapsed a few times, it becomes a handy pocket. I keep my change in there.
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