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So what do you guys use to carry all of your accessories around in?


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  • So what do you guys use to carry all of your accessories around in?

    I'm currently getting my backup gear and accessories ready to go to start gigging again, and just figured I'd see what everyone else uses and what you take with you on tour, playing local gigs, or whatever else it is that you do.

    Right now I just have a small crate and the storage compartment of a couple guitar cases that I use, but I'm looking into a storage box or portable tool box to possibly use.

    Inside will be: a few packs of strings, extra patch cables, fuses, preamp and power amp tubes, wire cutters, screwdrivers of the necessary sizes, allen wrench set, extra strap, multimeter and bias probe, and picks.

    How about you guys?

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    Tool box is the way to go, I think, because you can organize the **************** out of it and make everything easily accessible. I used this black bag that I got from MF. Had all kinds of cables, zipties, strings, cap, slide, batteries, extension cord, whatever the hell I thought I might need. Never used anything in it at a gig...not even once Better safe than sorry, I guess. But next time, itll just be my guitar case and my 5150 212 combo. Im pretty sure I can fit whatever I need in the guitar case at this point....which would be a couple packs of strings and a couple of cables.
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      I just use a smallish backpack right now. Holds my cables (3 patch, 1 speaker, 1 power, 2 minis), whatever pedals I bring, screwdriver, strings, picks, earplugs, etc...

      I need to find a padded case for my new Bogner pedal. I don't want it to get beaten up like my others. They all inevitably lose knobs from getting just thrown in.


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        I should point out that I bring a backup amp and guitar, so I don't need to bring as much stuff in my pack


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          I use a Fender Accessory bag to carry my extra cables, picks, etc.

          I use a backup amp, so I dont bring all the tube/bias probe and all that, and I have a pedalboard all my pedals are mounted in.
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            i have an old hardshell pedalboard case that works great. its just big enough for my controller 2, strings, cables and what not.
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              After I got my fleshlight, I modded and repurposed my old blow-up doll for all my cables and extra shizz.

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                i throw all my **************** in a tool bag. not exactly 'organized' but it works.
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                  One of the Mesa bags I got an ex to buy me

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                      Tool box for whatever doesn't fit in the front pouch of my pedalboard bag thing.

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                        I've used an old milk crate. it works as an amp or a monitor stand in a pinch too.
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                          I use one of the reinforced tool bags from Lowes.
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                            I have a small water proof nylon bag I pack stuff in, but if I want to move super light I can pack the essentials in my gig bag and front pocket of my pedaltrain bag.
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                              I've got a small Anvil-style case that carries all my assorted crap. I've thought about switching to a tool box or a bag....but the Anvil case stacks better, and it can also serve as an amp stand when necessary.