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Just when I start to really think my M-III or other modelling stuff is great:


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  • Just when I start to really think my M-III or other modelling stuff is great:

    I went to my studio to hook up my Vox AC-100CPH into my mid-1970s Marshall 4x12 as I'm selling the head and sat 3 feet away from it and cranked it up good and loud.

    I was immediately greeted by that amazing of pushing 100 watts of EL-34 power through a properly broken in speaker cabinet. If you put this amp on the higher gain side and engage the fat and bright switches then scoop the mids it is Godly tone with that thumpy chunk palm muters die for. So then I stuck my tube screamer in front of THAT and melted my face.

    On the "clean" side (think Plexi blended with AC-30) It has dripping honey cleans and when you push the gain up it has excellent crunch tone.

    I'm going to miss this head as I've not had one quite like it. I think it may just be tha way this amp matches with this old Marshall cab but it sings sweetly.
    If only I was all thumbs

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    I use modellers and outboard preamps almost exclusively.

    But nothing beats plugging into a good amp and letting it rip.


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      What kind of speakers on the marshall? This vox of yours isn't talked about a lot but seems very interesting. Don't sell it man! Whatever inspires you to play stays. Also I agree with Stevetemp but as long as I don't have a back problem and level problems I try to use amps!
      "is this tone obtainable using the HD500 or Axe Fx? Overall, for convenience and volume control, should I buy the Axe Fx over actual tube amps? I don't plan on playing loud; just playing at home and recording on my Mac. Thanks man, you are awesome!

      short answer: no...

      long answer: no way..."