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this is cool Marshall mod of sorts


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    Quote Originally Posted by colejustesen
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    The concept is cool, too bad he wasn't able to configure to switch them on/off via the footswitch, instead of on the control panel. That being said, I think if I could have an ISP Decimator hardwired into my amp, I would love it! Is it necessary? No, but it would be awesome!


    Psst, the Egnator Armageddon has an ISP Decimator hardwired in.

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      I actually think thats super awesome in every way.
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        Quote Originally Posted by HottKarl
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        Psst, the Egnator Armageddon has an ISP Decimator hardwired in.

        Why, yes, yes it does I want to check one of those amps out someday!

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          Hey, not to derail this thread, (cuz that mod is pretty neat...).. but I have seen for a long time that this forum has a love afair of sorts with the decimator. Is it really that good? I've never tried one. I had a Rocktron Super C in my rack for a while. It did a pretty good job on my high gain settings, but I had to wire it into a switched loop though, cuz it choked the crap out of my clean tones. For me the trick was using a consistent gig volume on my amp, so I knew right where the setting needed to be, and using a preset (via a GCX loop) for my clean that took it out of the path. Anyone else have that problem, or does the decimator not have that issue? I would think that any gate chokes off sustained notes at some point, and if there are volume differences between channels, then you have this problem. That's why I don't like gates very much. (of course, if you use only one tone, and it's high gain, then it makes perfect sense.)
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            I like it. All it needs now is a tube screamer or SD-1 added.
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              While you're at it, put the entire pedalboard on that plexi glass front, it would look hilariously awesome.
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