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Splawn Cabs, Help me decided?! Celestion Creambacks?


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  • Splawn Cabs, Help me decided?! Celestion Creambacks?

    Ok so a little background first! I own a Marshall 1960A with GT-75's and Warehouse speakers Veteran 30's in an x pattern. I also own a Splawn 4x12 straight cab with Smallblock speakers. I love my Splawn cab and really like the SB speakers a lot, but after a recent visit ( in November) to the Splawn shop I got to hear a Splawn 4x12 with the new Celestion Creambacks in it and was blown away. Scott played both a Splawn cab loaded with the SB, and then the Celestion loaded cab. Both speakers share similar qualities but the celestions just seemed to have some more edge/bite/aggression that the SB's did not have. I now have convinced myself that I need one of these cabs, but I will be selling my Marhsall cab if I get one (I have owned this cab for close to 12 years, it is the only piece of gear that has been with me that long). My question is, should I get this in a straight, slant, or hybrid cab? Most of the shows I play are in smaller venues/bars and I can see the benefit of getting a slant cab, but I really like the thump I get from a straight cab, so would the hybrid be the solution to this? Or possibly I just have GAS and should really just pass up on the cab, and buy another head, like a Marshall JCM 800?

    My current rig!

    Splawn Nitro

    Mesa RectoVerb

    Splawn Cab SB's

    Marshall 1960a

    Edwards e-lp-98ltc with MCP Detroiter pickups

    Fender 72 Deluxe RI with Seymour Duncan Custom/Jazz pickups

    LTD EC-1000 emgs


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    Anyone with creambacks yet?


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      Someone here asked the same thing a few months a go. He went with the Creambacks. My cab is from 09 so the Smallblocks was my best go And I really like them.