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What Pups for a Hamer Sunburst?


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  • What Pups for a Hamer Sunburst?

    I have a '78 Hamer Sunburst. It is ALL original including the DiMarzio pups. I really want to change out the pups because the originals sound too "raw" if that makes sense to you.


    I've already tried a D super distortion in the bridge and it is an improvement. Not quite like the original super distortions but close enough for most rock 'n roll.


    It's the neck pup that's giving me the most grief. I've tried the D PAF 36th anniversary and a Duncan JB I had laying around. The one thing I've noticed with all these pickups is that none of them have metal covers. Is this what I'm needing to smooth out the tones?

    '78 Hamer Sunburst, Gibson LP Special, Electra X410, Fender StratFender "The Twin", '78 Fender Twin, Bugera V22, Marshall JTM 30, Marshall DSL 40C