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Reset password... really?


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  • Reset password... really?

    The email I registered my name with was my uni email which I dont have access too any more, so I cant recover my username (Marshredder).

    anyone any idea how I can get it back?

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    this is why I am now Mesa4x12er2  Lost in the last great forum upgrade...



    • Surreal Amps
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      who were you before?

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    Maybe pm a mod? I got lucky and remembered which email I used.

    Now if I could only switch back to mobile mode. Not sure where the hell to do that. Mobile version is way nicer on a phone


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      Yep, this blows.... No reset possible for me... The email host I was using when I signed up for this forum, no longer exists....

      Hence riffyMKII.


      By the way, the new site look, format, unused space, all suck!




      • 00halsam00
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        Um yeah me to......Gone baby Gone


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      Thanks for the "Heads up" from admin, this would have been nice:


      "Hey everyone, HC will be switching over to our new format in a few weeks"

      "I know many of you have been around a long time, and things change so, It is very important that everyone update thier current e-mail account, as this will be needed in order for you to log into the new forum as we know people's e-mail adresses come and go over the years"


      So now wut do??????????????????  :catfrustrated:


       MK .jpg

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        I have access to the email that was linked to HC, but its not sending me the link.  So yea, this is lame.


        • Meowmi
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          We're working to iron out the issues we're hearing from the community. A big one is this, so here's what you can do: PM an admin to help you get your old username back. Please include old username and the email address that you signed up with. If you're using the same email address on your current username, please change that first.