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Recommend good solid state power amps.


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  • Recommend good solid state power amps.

    I've been recently using 2 early 80's Peavey 2x15 Bass cabs for guitar. I've been using a Peavey Firebass 700 as a power amp for my AMT P1 and a MXR 10 band eq and I've been getting some sick, heavy, ultra punch-in-your-face tones out of it. Problem is the amp is not mine and I really like all the wattage that Peavey provides. So, I want to find a good solid state power amp that will deliver some good, clean headroom and is as close to the power amp section of the Peavey Firebass. Another thing the cabs are 4 ohms each so the total load will be 2 ohms and that's why I've discarded tube power amps. Any suggestions? 


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    Tons of good options on power amps. I ran with an art sla-2 for about a year...very linear sounding. Also had an EHX magnum 44...benefit being that its tiny, also sounded better than the art. Ive heard great things about the rocktron velocity power amps and the mosvalve power amps.

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      I recently bought a Carvin DCM1540L for my Axe-FX and I'm loving it so far. I don't think that one goes down to 2 ohms but the DCM2000L does.

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        Thanks guys! I will definitely check out Carvin. What about Crown power amps? Everyone raves about them for live sound but would it translate well into guitar sound?