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Laney AOR/Protube 30 Watt. EL34 not 6V6


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  • Laney AOR/Protube 30 Watt. EL34 not 6V6

    Hey  Everyone,

    I bought this amp used, about 3 years ago. When I further inspected it, it was powered with EL34's, instead of the standard 6V6 that came in the 20 and 30 watt versions. The tubes, looked original. No labeling or anything whatsoever on them. I took them to 2 local guitar shops and they confirmed that they are in fact EL34's. The combos that I have seen have, the closed back cabinet. Mine does not, and does neither show that the closed back cabinet had been removed, for space for the EL34's.

    Can any of you, please explain this mystery to me? Whether you believe it was modded back in the 80's time period, a factory error or possibly even a rare from factory model version of this amp?


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