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Wouldn't let me "Reset my Password"

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  • Wouldn't let me "Reset my Password"

    Sorry guys, wouldn't let me reset my password and won't let me have my user account back.  Perhaps I'll see you around at rig-talk. Cheers, Luciu$

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    Check out theopenjam.net. Lots of us have migrated there.
    Originally Posted by James Hetfield


    LTD EC256:EMG's, Tonepros, Grovers
    Agile PS900 Blue Flame
    Ibanez Acoustic: V300CW
    EVH 5150 III 100w
    EVH 5150 III 4x12
    POD HD300
    MXR 10 Band EQ

    Good Transactions: cadfael, kev324, sahlomonic, Lucius


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      me neither, diff moniker and 0 count 


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        Oh yeah.  This is ~Abstract~


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      So you registered with essentially the same name that everybody would recognize, only to tell us that you won't be posting here anymore?


      Was your old post count really that important to you?

      Originally Posted by Jesse G

      EMG's are like McDonald's cheeseburgers of the pickup world


      • katillac
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        At first it wouldn't let me reset mine either. I tried a different email address and at least I knew I had the right one to begin with, as when I tried using the second one, it told me no user exists with that email address. So, I tried sending the link again. I first set my password to the same one I used before. It let me in. Then I changed to a newe password.

        Man this place is **bleep** up.

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      Same here

      "Prolly the biggest fail yet at this forrm."

      Rollout a new format where everyone has to reset thier password by an automated e-mail, but no alert to everyone in advance to make sure that thier on file e-mail is current.

      Did they really think that someone who signed up 7 yrs ago still had the same e-mail contact or would keep current here even though it is never used here?