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Harmony Central has “soft launched” our new mobile experience this past week. While we have done extensive testing, we know that with a community as large as HC that there will be items that surface that will still need to be addressed. We are asking that you utilize the thread belowto report any challenges you may encounter. Here are the things we request you provide: A brief description of the issue, the device and operating system version you were using, the browser and version, screen resolution, and a screen shot of the display.
Thanks for your patience as we work towards the best experience we can provide to our community.

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    New favorite way to waste time.  Tagging mixed vulgarity sure seems pretty on a site trying to be professional

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    Seems a lot of the early efforts like "Dog Fisting" and "I insert small rodents"  have already been banned.




    But still, so many possibilities left.

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    <img src="images/misc/quote_icon.png" alt="Quote" /> Originally Posted by <strong>Norton666 (15/07/2009)</strong>

    <div class="message">Give it 6 months and the Axe-Fx will be mentioned in the same sentence as the Johnson Millenium stuff.</div>

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    Ive got one one left **bleep** I would love to get rid off

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